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Speciality Shop Retailing : How to Run Your Own Store -Updated

Speciality Shop Retailing : How to Run Your Own Store -Updated - rev edition

Speciality Shop Retailing : How to Run Your Own Store -Updated - rev edition

ISBN13: 9780471212645

ISBN10: 0471212644

Speciality Shop Retailing : How to Run Your Own Store -Updated by Carol J. Schroeder - ISBN 9780471212645
Edition: REV 02
Copyright: 2002
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Published: 2002
International: No
Speciality Shop Retailing : How to Run Your Own Store -Updated by Carol J. Schroeder - ISBN 9780471212645

ISBN13: 9780471212645

ISBN10: 0471212644

Edition: REV 02

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When Carol Schroeder and her husband founded Orange Tree Imports twenty-five years ago, they had no retail background whatsoever. With drive and determination, they taught themselves everything they needed to know -- merchandise display, record keeping, inventory management, and the myriad other skills that make up a storeowner's craft. In Specialty Shop Retailing, Carol shares this experience and wisdom so that you too can grow your business into an award-winning success. This newly revised edition also brings you the latest in technological trends, advertising, hiring, and customer service.
More than just a lively memoir filled with helpful hints, this comprehensive guide covers every aspect of opening and operating a retail store, from choosing a location and store design to niche marketing, advertising, and customer service. Carol Schroeder supplies more than two dozen ready-to-use forms, and her tutorials on visual merchandising, store design, and advertising are supplemented with numerous photographs, sample ads, and witty cartoons. The book includes an extensive glossary of retail terms and a bibliography of additional reading sources for help on special topics such as writing a business plan and managing employees. In response to reader demand, this revised and updated edition offers new information on advertising in new venues such as cable television; the effects of e-commerce on small businesses; customer service trends and programs; and hiring and retaining employees in good times and bad. Like any wise businessperson, Carol Schroeder doesn't rely entirely on her own experience. From interviews with dozens of the most successful specialty retailers in the United States and Europe, she culls practical solutions to some of the field's most daunting challenges. She addresses major strategic issues, such as the pros and cons of buying into a franchise, negotiating a lease, competing with big box discounters, and diversifying product mix. Many of these solutions are built on straightforward, simple techniques that can be used in any store setting.

Whether you're a seasoned retailer with many years' experience or a novice just beginning to plan a store, Specialty Shop Retailing will inform and guide you with up-to-date information, practical advice based on the author's experiences, and simple strategies for establishing yourself and finding success.

Author Bio

Schroeder, Carol L. :

Carol L. Schroeder is the co-owner of Orange Tree Imports, a $1.3 million gift and kitchenware store in Madison, Wisconsin. She has almost three decades of experience in specialty shop retailing, beginning with the Scandinavian furniture store she and her husband Dean transformed into a unique shop featuring gourmet products, toys, seasonal décor, foods, jewelry, stationery, soaps, and more. Orange Tree Imports was chosen as one of five Millennium Retailers in the United States by Gifts and Decorative Accessories magazine and was voted "Best in Business" by In Business magazine.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Market Research.
Are You Ready for Retailing?
Is a Franchise Right for You?
Buying an Existing Business.
Writing a Business Plan.
Selecting Your Business Format.
Setting Up a Partnership.
Financing Your Business.
Permits and Licenses.
Finding the Perfect Location.
Naming Your Store.
Developing a Logo.
Stating Your Mission.
Where to Get Help.
Time to Get Started.


Setting Up the Cash Registers.
Will That Be Cash, Check, or Charge?
Bookkeeping 101.
Accounting Reports.
Working with an Accountant.
Budgets and Future Planning.
Tips for Taking Inventory.
Setting Up Your Business Office.
The Bottom Line.


Establishing a Design Budget.
Remodeling Your Store.
The Design Concept.
The Storefront and Entrance.
Flooring Materials.
Wall Treatments.
Selling on Several Levels.
Deciding What Merchandise Goes Where.
Interior Signage.
The Checkout Area.
Security Concerns.
Background Music.
Creating an Aromatic Environment.
Storage, Offices, Lounges, and Other Backstage Needs.


Targeting the Typical Customer.
Establishing a Buying Budget.
Where to Look for Merchandise.
What to Order.
Determining Quantities.
Buying on Consignment.
Developing Your Own Products.
Direct Importing.
Inventory Control.
Seasonal Planning.
Planning for Displays and Promotion.
Working with Sales Reps.
Buying Trips.
Credit References.
The Purchase Order Form.
Placing Purchase Orders.
Specifying Shipping Preferences.
Setting Retail Prices.
Developing Vendor Relations.


Checking in Merchandise.
Pricing the Merchandise.
Displaying the Merchandise.
Maintaining Good Merchandising.
Using Shop Windows Effectively.
Display Mistakes to Avoid.
Visual Merchandising in the Future.


Do You Need Employees?
Being the Boss.
Hiring for Specialized Job Functions.
The Role of the Store Manager.
Appealing to a Shrinking Workforce.
Where to Find Good Employees.
The Hiring Process.
Government Forms for New Employees.
The Employment Agreement.
Training the New Employee.
The Employee Handbook.
Flexible Scheduling.
Compensating Employees.
Benefits and Perks.
Open-Book Management.
Employee Evaluations.
The Legalities of Firing.
The Exit Interview.
Creating Team Spirit.


Motivating Employees to Provide Good Customer Service.
Setting Store Policies.
Customer Convenience and Comfort.
Services beyond the Ordinary.
Evaluating Customer Service.
Can You Do It All?


Establishing an Advertising Budget.
Targeting Your Market.
Choosing the Media You Use.
Using an Advertising Agency.
Stretching Your Budget through Co-Op Advertising.
The World of Print Advertising.
Telephone Directory Advertising.
Advertising in the Store.
Direct Mail: Building a List.
Broadcast Media: Radio.
Advertising on TV.
Riding the Electronic Waves: Retailing on the Internet.
Evaluating Your Advertising.
Advertising When Sales Are Down.
Alternative Uses of Advertising.


Sales, Sales, Sales.
Promotional Methods and Ideas.
Special Events to Attract Customers to Your Store.
Publicity and Public Relations.


Charitable Donations: What to Give and Who to Give It To.
Fund-Raisers and Benefits.
Selling Goods That Do Good.
Environmentally Sound Retailing.
Giving Something Back.
Community Leadership.
Giving Time.
The Rewards of Giving.


Crime, Disasters, and Other Crises: Insurance and Prevention.
Customers Can Be Trouble.
Personnel Woes.
When Your Business Is in Financial Trouble.
Responding to Bad Publicity.
Keeping an Upbeat Attitude.


Riding the Wave of Success.
Small Can Be Beautiful.
Multiple Stores: Growing Your Business.
Moving On.
Life Planning Issues for Specialty Shop Owners.
Running the Mature Business.
Retailing for the Future.

Resource Guide.

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