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Sport in Society : Issues and Controversies

Sport in Society : Issues and Controversies - 8th edition

ISBN13: 978-0072930351

Cover of Sport in Society : Issues and Controversies 8TH 04 (ISBN 978-0072930351)
ISBN13: 978-0072930351
ISBN10: 0072930357
Cover type:
Edition/Copyright: 8TH 04
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
Published: 2004
International: No

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Sport in Society : Issues and Controversies - 8TH 04 edition

ISBN13: 978-0072930351

Jay Coakley

ISBN13: 978-0072930351
ISBN10: 0072930357
Cover type:
Edition/Copyright: 8TH 04
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company

Published: 2004
International: No

Sports in Society is the definitive text for the sports sociology course. Offering a global, issues-oriented approach, this text encourages the discussion of current sports-related controversies and helps students develop critical thinking skills.

New to This Edition :

  • New and Updated Material The text has been completely updated including examples on parental involvement in youth and child sport programs (i.e. the hockey dad murder case), and a new examination of the impact terrorism and September 11th, 2001 has had on security and costs to major sport events, and the interdependence of society and sports.
  • Revised Theory Coverage New illustrations and examples, including additional coverage of the feminist theory help clarify theory discussion.
  • Historic Perspective New recent history timeline in chapter 3 highlights turning point events related to gender, race/ethnicity, money and social class, socialization, economics, education, and other substantive topics from the text.
  • More in-depth coverage Treatment of Title IX now includes a new "Reflect on Sport" box devoted to the topic and the discussion of athletes with disabilities and sports for people with disabilities and socialization issues has been expanded.
  • Connected Content "At Your Fingertips" boxes throughout the chapters provide cross-references within the text to additional information on various topics.
  • Explores Current Controversies Updated "Reflect on Sport" boxes. provides an opportunity for critical analysis and discussion of current controversies.
  • Online Learning Center This web site is now incorporated throughout the text. It provides additional boxed materials on provocative topics, outside website sources and information, study materials, and instructor resources.

Features :

  • Provides a Framework Gives students a framework for discussing serious problems such as substance use and behaviors dangerous to the health and well being of athletes and spectators in the revised chapters on deviance and violence in sports.
  • Cultural Ideology and Sport Helps students understand cultural ideology and how it influences their lives and relationships with thorough coverage of the relationship between sports and the forms of cultural logic that people use to define and understand gender, race, class, and personal character in society.
  • Sport and Commerce Helps students understand the ever-evolving commercial aspect of sports of all kind and the relationship with society in a thorough chapter (11) on sports and the economy.
  • Sport and Socialization Offers a unique chapter (4) on sports and socialization that examines the actual experience and consequences of sports involvement, giving students concrete examples of sociological research and how it can be applied.

Author Bio

Coakley, Jay : University of Colorado--Colorado Springs

Table of Contents

1 The Sociology of Sport: What is it and why study it?
2 Using Social Theories: How can they help us study sports in society?
3 Studying the Past: Does it help us understand sports today?
4 Sports and Socialization: Who plays and what happens to them?
5 Sports and Children: Are organized programs worth the effort?
6 Deviance in Sports: Is it out of your control?
7 Violence in Sports: How does it affect our lives?
8 Gender and Sports: Does equity require ideological changes?
9 Race and Ethnicity: Are They Important in Sports?
10 Social Class: Do Money and Power Matter in Sports?
11 Sports and the Economy: What Are the Characteristics of Commercial Sports?
12 Sports and the Media: Could They Survive Without Each Other?
13 Sports and Politics: How Do Governments and Globalization Influence Sports?
14 Sports in High School and College: Do Varsity Sport Programs Contribute to Education?
15 Sports and Religion: Is It a Promising Combination?
16 Sports in the Future: What Can We Expect?
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