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Sports in Society (Canadian)

Sports in Society (Canadian) - 04 edition

Sports in Society (Canadian) - 04 edition

ISBN13: 9780070914766

ISBN10: 0070914761

Sports in Society (Canadian) by Jay Coakley - ISBN 9780070914766
Edition: 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Ryerson
Published: 2004
International: No
Sports in Society (Canadian) by Jay Coakley - ISBN 9780070914766

ISBN13: 9780070914766

ISBN10: 0070914761

Edition: 04

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A new, Canadian edition of a market-leading text! Sports in Society: Issues and Controversies, First Canadian Edition is the definitive text for the sociology of sport course. The text's global, issues-oriented approach to the study of sports in Canadian society promotes discussion of current sports-related controversies and helps students to develop critical thinking skills.

New Features :

  • Canadian Content: The text has been fully adapted to provide an overview of sports in Canadian society. Each chapter integrates classic and contemporary Canadian research, Canadian examples, and discussion of made-in-Canada solutions to problems in Canadian sports and society.
  • Reflect on Sports Boxes: Reflect on Sports boxes highlight current controversies in sports and society and encourage student engagement with multiple points of view. The First Canadian Edition includes 11 new Reflect on Sports boxes, covering topics such as drug testing in Canada, the Justine Blainey case, fair play leagues, sport and bilingualism, and sports boycotts and the end of apartheid.
  • Visual Appeal: There are over 70 photographs in the First Canadian Edition, including approximately 55 new photographs that illustrate sports in Canadian society. Each photograph, cartoon, figure, and table has been selected to enhance the subject matter and make reading more interesting.
  • Suggested Readings and Website Resources: Each chapter concludes with updated references to relevant and interesting books and websites to facilitate student use of published literature, combined with the Internet, to learn about sports in society.
  • Online Learning Centre: The First Canadian Edition text is fully integrated with an Online Learning Centre website that provides learning and study tools such as quizzes, web links, and material from past U.S. editions of the text that adds depth and background to current chapter topics (including a complete treatment of Sports and Religion).
  • Global Focus: Sports in Society situates Canadian content in a global context, and makes frequent comparisons between Canada and other countries.

Retained Features :

  • Offers a unique chapter on sports and socialization that examines the actual experience and the consequences of sports involvement, giving students concrete examples of sociological research and its applications
  • Helps students understand the ever-evolving commercial aspect of sports, in a thorough chapter on sports and the economy.
  • Helps students understand cultural ideology and its influence on their lives, with thorough coverage of the relationship between sports and the forms of cultural logic that people use to define and understand gender, reace, ethnicity, class and personal character in society.
  • Gives students a framework for discussing serious problems such as substance use and behaviours dangerous to athletes and spectators, in revised chapters on deviance and violence in sports.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Sociology of Sport: What is it and why study it?

Chapter 2: Using Social Theories: What can they tell us about sports in society?

Chapter 3: A Look at the Past: Does it help us understand sports today?

Chapter 4: Sports and Socialization: Who plays and what happens to them?

Chapter 5: Sports and Children: Are organized programmes worth the effort?

Chapter 6: ''Deviance'' in Sports: Is it out of control?

Chapter 7: Violence in Sports: How does it affect our lives?

Chapter 8: Gender and Sports: Does equity require ideological changes?

Chapter 9: Race and Ethnicity: Are they important in sports?

Chapter 10: Social Class: Do money and power matter in sports?

Chapter 11: Sports and the Economy: What are the characteristics of commercial sports?

Chapter 12: Sports and the Media: Could they survive without each other?

Chapter 13: Sports and Politics: How do governments and globalization influence sports?

Chapter 14: Sports in High School and University: Do interscholastic sport programmes contribute to education?

Chapter 15: Sports in the Future: What can we expect?

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Sports in Society (Canadian) by Jay Coakley - ISBN 9780070971844