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Statistical Pattern Recognition

Statistical Pattern Recognition - 2nd edition

Statistical Pattern Recognition - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780470845141

ISBN10: 0470845147

Statistical Pattern Recognition by Andrew R. Webb - ISBN 9780470845141
Edition: 2ND 02
Copyright: 2002
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Published: 2002
International: No
Statistical Pattern Recognition by Andrew R. Webb - ISBN 9780470845141

ISBN13: 9780470845141

ISBN10: 0470845147

Edition: 2ND 02

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tatistical pattern recognition is a very active area of study and research, which has seen many advances in recent years. New and emerging applications - such as data mining, web searching, multimedia data retrieval, face recognition, and cursive handwriting recognition - require robust and efficient pattern recognition techniques. Statistical decision making and estimation are regarded as fundamental to the study of pattern recognition.

Statistical Pattern Recognition, Second Edition has been fully updated with new methods, applications and references. It provides a comprehensive introduction to this vibrant area - with material drawn from engineering, statistics, computer science and the social sciences - and covers many application areas, such as database design, artificial neural networks, and decision support systems.

  • Provides a self-contained introduction to statistical pattern recognition.
  • Each technique described is illustrated by real examples.
  • Covers Bayesian methods, neural networks, support vector machines, and unsupervised classification.
  • Each section concludes with a description of the applications that have been addressed and with further developments of the theory.
  • Includes background material on dissimilarity, parameter estimation, data, linear algebra and probability.
  • Features a variety of exercises, from 'open-book' questions to more lengthy projects.

The book is aimed primarily at senior undergraduate and graduate students studying statistical pattern recognition, pattern processing, neural networks, and data mining, in both statistics and engineering departments. It is also an excellent source of reference for technical professionals working in advanced information development environments.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Introduction to statistical pattern recognition.

Density estimation - parametric.

Density estimation - nonparametric.

Linear discriminant analysis

Nonlinear discriminant analysis - kernel methods.

Nonlinear discriminant analysis - projection methods.

Tree-based methods.


Feature selection and extraction.


Additional topics.

Appendix A: Measures of dissimilarity.

Appendix B: Parameter estimation.

Appendix C: Linear algebra.

Appendix D: Data.

Appendix E: Probability theory.



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