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Strategic Communication in Business and Professions

Strategic Communication in Business and Professions - 6th edition

ISBN13: 978-0205561209

Cover of Strategic Communication in Business and  Professions 6TH 08 (ISBN 978-0205561209)
ISBN13: 978-0205561209
ISBN10: 0205561209

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 6TH 08
Copyright: 2008
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
Published: 2008
International: No

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Strategic Communication in Business and Professions - 6TH 08 edition

ISBN13: 978-0205561209

Dan O'Hair

ISBN13: 978-0205561209
ISBN10: 0205561209

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 6TH 08
Copyright: 2008
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
Published: 2008
International: No

Table of Contents

I. An Introduction to Communication in Organizations
1. Communication in Organizations

The Interactive Communication Process
Reasons for Communication Failure
Understanding Organizational Communication
Practicing Business Communication: IKEA
Ethical Issues: Are You Being Watched?

2. The Model of Strategic Communication

A Model for Communication in the Information Age
Situational Knowledge: The Context of Organizational Communication
Goal Setting for Organizational Communication
Communication Competence
Anxiety Management
Practicing Business Communication: FedEx Corporation

3. Diversity in Business and the Professions

The Issues of Diversity
Communication Between Diverse People
Situational Knowledge: Understanding Your Perspectives
Communication Competence: Personality Traits
AnxietyManagement: Resolving Cultural Conflict
Legal Guidelines and Diversity
Ethical Issues: Honoring Religious Practices

II. Basic Communication Skills
4. Listening Skills

Listening in Your Career
Hearing Versus Listening
The Role of Perception
Goal Setting for Interactive Listening
Situational Knowledge: Preparing for Interactive Listening
Communication Competence: Interactive Listening
Anxiety Management
Evaluating Your Listening
Practicing Business Communication: United Psychiatric Group
Ethical Issues: Ethical Listening Situations

5. Verbal and Nonverbal Skills

Goal Setting for Effective Messages
Situational Knowledge: Personal and Environmental Factors
Communication Competence: Verbal and Nonverbal Skills
Anxiety Management
Message Strategies
Ethical Issues: Touching in the Workplace
Practicing Business Communication: Communication Media

6. Leadership and Management Skills

What Does a Leader Do?
Management Theory
Leadership Theories
Leadership Versus Management
Goal Setting: Managing the Present and the Future
Situational Knowledge: The Foundation of Strategic Leadership
Communication Competence: Demonstrating Leadership Skills
Anxiety Management
Practicing Business Communication: United Negro College Fund
Ethical Issues: Leadership Using Fear

III. Interpersonal Communication Strategies
7. Work Relationships

Manager-Employee Relationships
Coworker Relationships
Mentoring Relationships
Romantic Relationships in the Workplace
Sexual Harassment
Employee-Customer Relationships
Practicing Business Communication: Tom's of Maine
Ethical Issues: Nicole's Protégé

8. Principles of Interviewing

The Interview
Goal Setting: Dyadic Communication
Situational Knowledge: Structuring the Interview
Communication Competence: Asking Effective Questions
Responding and Providing Feedback
Anxiety Management: Interviewer and Interviewee
Ethical Issues: Handling Tricky Questions

9. Interviews in Business Settings

Employment Interviews: Introduction
Employment Interviews: The Interviewer
Employment Interviews: The Interviewee
Appraisal Interviews
Disciplinary Interviews
Media Interviews
Ethical Issues: The Dilemma of Knowing Too Much
Practicing Business Communication: Aegir Systems

IV. Group Communication Strategies
10. Fundamentals of Group Communication

What Is a Group?
Factors Influencing Group Communication
Factors Affecting Group Communication
Teleconferences and Videoconferences
Special Groups
Practicing Business Communication: Creative Communication Network
Ethical Issues: Ethical Qualities of Leaders

11. Meetings: Forums for Problem Solving

Goal-Setting: The Agenda
Situational Knowledge: Preparing for the Meeting
Situational Knowledge: Developing Critical Thinking Skills
Communication Competence: Problem Solving
Anxiety Management
Evaluating Group Effectiveness
Ethical Issues: Maintaining Ethics When Working Alone
Practicing Business Communication: Nokia Corporation

12. Negotiation and Conflict Management

Argumentativeness and Verbal Aggressiveness
Conflict Management
A Strategic Approach to Conflict
Practicing Business Communication: Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc.
Ethical Issues: To Tell, Or Not To Tell?

V. Public Presentation Strategies
13. Developing and Delivering Effective Presentations

Anxiety Management
Goal Setting: Identifying the Topic and the Purpose
Identifying the General and Specific Purposes of the Presentation
Situational Knowledge: Analyzing the Audience
Identifying and Researching Main Ideas
Providing Support for Ideas
Developing an Introduction and a Conclusion
The Outline: Basic Considerations
Communication Competence: Presenting the Message
Fielding Audience Questions
Practicing Business Communication: American Red Cross
Ethical Issues: Audience Challenge

14. Informative Presentations

The Range of Informative Presentations
Accumulation of Information
Functions of Informative Presentations
Organizing the Presentation
Typical Formats
Guidelines for a Successful Presentation
Situational Knowledge: Technology
Communication Competence: Camera Skills and Special Occasions
Anxiety Management: Practice and Knowledge
Ethical Issues: All Sides of the Issue
Practicing Business Communication: Best Western International, Inc.

15. Persuasive and Special Presentations

Functions of Persuasive Presentations
Persuasive Formats
Basic Resources for Persuasion
The Persuasion Process
Special Occasion Presentations
Ethical Issues: Vested Interests