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Texas Politics and Government

Texas Politics and Government - 2nd edition

Texas Politics and Government - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780321052742

ISBN10: 0321052749

Texas Politics and Government by Stephen Haag, Gary A. Keith and Rex C. Peebles - ISBN 9780321052742
Edition: 2ND 01
Copyright: 2001
Publisher: Longman, Inc.
Published: 2001
International: No
Texas Politics and Government by Stephen Haag, Gary A. Keith and Rex C. Peebles - ISBN 9780321052742

ISBN13: 9780321052742

ISBN10: 0321052749


Provides a coherent, analytical introduction to Texas politics that is both comprehensive and engaging. Framing the book around five ideas that have shaped Texas politics past and present, the authors explain how conflicts over these ideas have altered political processes, institutions, and public policies in Texas. The unique coverage of topics is supported by lively and fresh discussions that capture reader's interest and provide them with the conceptual tools they need to enrich their understanding of politics and government in Texas. Additionally, the authors' involvement in Texas politics gives readers an insider's view of their state and local government. For those interested in Texas Politics and Government.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

(Each chapter contains an Introduction.)


1. Studying Texas Politics and Government.

Politics and Government.
The Central Role of Ideas: The American Creed.
Analyzing Politics.
Analyzing Government.
Analyzing Political Change.
The Rest of the Story.

2. The Ideological and Socioeconomic Context for Texas Politics and Government.

The Ideological Context.
The People of Texas.
The Economy of Texas.

3. The Legal Context: The Constitution and Federalism.

The Texas Constitution.


4. Political Parties in Texas.

Political Party Organization.
Party in Electorate.
The Party in Government.
Parties and Political Change.
Parties and Democracy.

5. Interest Groups in Texas.

The Creation of Interest Groups.
Members of Groups: Joining and Staying.
Goals of Groups: Why Groups Are Involved in Politics.
Types of Interest Groups.
Interest-Group Influence.
Political Activities of Groups.
Interest Groups and Political Change.
Interest Groups and Democracy.

6. Political Communications: The Media and Public Opinion.

The Political Roles of the Media.
Factors Shaping the News.
The Media in Texas.
The Political Effects of the Media.
Public Opinion.
The Media, Public Opinion, and Political Change.
The Media, Public Opinion, and Democracy.

7. Political Participation, Campaigns, and Elections.

Political Participation.
Elections in Texas.
Political Campaigns in Texas.
The Voter's Decisions.
Campaigns, Elections, and Political Change.
Campaigns, Elections, and Democracy.


8. Texas Legislative Politics.

The Structure of the Texas Legislature.
Legislative Membership- Representing the Public.
Organizing for Power and Influence in the Legislature.
The Legislative Process.
Legislative Staff.
Influences on Legislative Behavior.
The Legislature and Political Change.
The Legislature and Democracy.

9. The Governor of Texas.

Influences on the Development of the Texas Governorship.
The Office of the Governor.
Powers of the Governor.
Social and Political Characteristics of Governors.
The Governor as a Political Leader.
Governors and Political Change.
Governors and Democracy.

10. The Executive Branch.

Elected State Officials.
Appointed State Officials.
Organization and Reorganization of State Agencies.
Controlling Bureaucracy.
Bureaucracies and Political Change.
Bureaucracies and Democracy.

11. The Texas Justice System: The Law, The Courts, and Criminal Justice.

The Body of Laws: The Basis of the Judicial Branch.
The Judicial Branch.
The Criminal-Justice System.
The Courts, Criminal Justice, and Democracy.

12. The Local Governments: Cities, Counties, and Special Districts.

Special Districts.
More Than Local, Less Than State: Coordination and Cooperation Between Local Governments.
Local Governments and Political Change.
Local Governments and Democracy.


13. Civil Liberties and Civil Rights.

Civil Liberties.
Civil Rights.
Civil Liberties and Civil Rights and Political Change.
Civil Liberties and Civil Rights and Democracy.

14. Economic and Social Policies.

Economic Policy: Who Wins, Who Loses?
State Finance.
Education Policy: Endless Skirmishes Over Equity and Quality.
Health and Human Services Policy: Providing the Necessities of Life.
Economic and Social Policies and Political Change.
Economic and Social Economic Demographics.

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