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Understanding Interpersonal Communication

Understanding Interpersonal Communication - 7th edition

Understanding Interpersonal Communication - 7th edition

ISBN13: 9780673995810

ISBN10: 067399581X

Understanding Interpersonal Communication by Richard L. Weaver - ISBN 9780673995810
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 7TH 96
Copyright: 1996
Publisher: Harpercollins College Division
Published: 1996
International: No
Understanding Interpersonal Communication by Richard L. Weaver - ISBN 9780673995810

ISBN13: 9780673995810

ISBN10: 067399581X

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 7TH 96

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Streamlined to focus on the essentials of interpersonal communication, Understanding Interpersonal Communication offers a balance between theory and practice to help students hone their interpersonal behavior. This user-friendly book includes new chapter-opening scenarios that are relevant to students' lives to help engage their attention and draw them into the text. Revised for professors who want to emphasize the core issues of interpersonal communication, this major revision of a skills-oriented classic features a timely new chapter on gender which illustrates its importance in interpersonal communication.

Author Bio

Weaver, Richard L. II : Bowling Green State University

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Prologue: Communication Competency-What It Is and How to Achieve It

1. Speaking Inerpersonally: Elements and Characteristics

Elements of an Interpersonal Communication Situation
Characteristics of Interpersonal Communication
Building Interpersonal Communication Skills

2. Creating Meaning: Perception

What You Receive Is What You Get: The Reception of Stimuli
The Perception Sieve: How You Create Meaning
The Perceiver: The Process of Construction
Barriers to Accurate Perception
Building Perception Skills

3. Getting in Touch: The Self and Self-Disclosure

Self-Concept and Effective Communication
Your Self-Concept
Building Self-Disclosure Skills

4. Responding to Others: Listening and Feedback

Building Listening Skills
Building Feedback Skills

5. Creating Messages: Verbal Communication

Language: The Process of Producing Words
Meanings Are in People
What Words Can and Cannot Do
Verbal Aggression
Fine-Tuning Your Language Behavior
Building Language Skills

6. Communicating Without Words: Nonverbal Characteristics, Functions, Forms, and Types

How Much Does Nonverbal Communication Count?
Functions of Nonverbal Communication
Forms of Nonverbal Communication
Types of Nonverbal Cues
Building Nonverbal Communication Skills

7. Gender Communication: Understanding the Other Sex

The Importance of Studying Gender Differences
Some Major Gender Differences
Why Be Cautious in Applying These Generalizations?
Building Gender Sensitivity Skills

8. Influencing Others: Interpersonal Persuasion

Communication and Attitudes and Values
Attitudes and Values
Attitude Change: For Better or Worse
Compliance Gaining
Compliance Resistance
Let's Be Realistic
Building Skills in Influencing Others

9. Experiencing Emotion: Sharing Our Feelings

What Are Emotions?
How Emotions Are Aroused
Why Is It Important to Understand Emotions?
How to Recognize Your Emotions
Reading Others' Emotions
Sharing Emotions
Legitimate Possession/Appropriate Expression
Building Skills for Expressing Emotions

10. Getting There from Here: Assertiveness

What Is Assertiveness?
Assertiveness, Non-assertiveness, and Aggression
Changing Negative Scripts
Bringing About Personal Change
Communicating with the Unresponsive
Building Assertiveness Skills

11. Overcoming Barriers

How Society Views Conflict
How You View Conflict
What Happens When People Disagree
Stress Management: Personally Adjusting to Stress
Coping with Conflict: A Successful Approach
Building Conflict Management Skills

12. Discovering Supportive Relationships: Finding Friendship

The Nature of Friendship
Building Friendship Skills

13. Seeking Closeness: The Course of Intimate Relationships

What Is Intimacy?
Formation of Intimate Relationships
Stages of Relationship Development
Maintaining and Nurturing Intimate Relationships
Relational Change - Marriage and Commitment
Why Relationships Disintegrate
Stages of Relational Disintegration
Building Intimacy Skills

14. Experiencing Growth and Change: Communicating with Family

Building Family Communication Skills


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