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University Physics with Modern Physics

University Physics with Modern Physics - 11th edition

University Physics with Modern Physics - 11th edition

ISBN13: 9780805386844

ISBN10: 080538684X

University Physics with Modern Physics by Hugh Young and Roger Freedman - ISBN 9780805386844
Edition: 11TH 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Longman, Inc.
Published: 2004
International: No
University Physics with Modern Physics by Hugh Young and Roger Freedman - ISBN 9780805386844

ISBN13: 9780805386844

ISBN10: 080538684X

Edition: 11TH 04


With its time-tested problems, pioneering conceptual and visual pedagogy, and next-generation media package, the Eleventh Edition of Young and FreedmanUs University Physics is the classic physics book with an eye on the future. Using Young & FreedmanUs research-based ISEE (Identify, Set up, Execute, Evaluate) problem-solving strategy, readers develop the physical intuition and problem-solving skills required to tackle the bookUs extensive high-quality problem sets that have been developed and refined over the past five decades. The completely redesigned, pedagogically consistent artwork and diagrams integrate seamlessly with the book to help readers better visualize key concepts.For college instructors, students, or anyone interested in physics.

Author Bio

Young, Hugh D. : Carnegie-Mellon University

Freedman, Roger A. : University of California, Santa Barbara

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Units, Physical Quantities, and Vectors.
2. Motion Along a Straight Line.
3. Motion in Two or Three Dimensions.
4. Newton's Laws of Motion.
5. Applying Newton's Laws.
6. Work and Kinetic Energy.
7. Potential Energy and Energy Conservation.
8. Momentum, Impulse, and Collisions.
9. Rotation of Rigid Bodies.
10. Dynamics of Rotational Motion.
11. Equilibrium and Elasticity.
12. Gravitation.
13. Periodic Motion.
14. Fluid Mechanics.


15. Mechanical Waves.
16. Sound and Hearing.


17. Temperature and Heat.
18. Thermal Properties of Matter.
19. The First Law of Thermodynamics.
20. The Second Law of Thermodynamics.


21. Electric Charge and Electric Field.
22. Gauss's Law.
23. Electric Potential.
24. Capacitance and Dielectrics.
25. Current, Resistance, and Electromotive Force.
26. Direct-Current Circuits.
27. Magnetic Field and Magnetic Forces.
28. Sources of Magnetic Field.
29. Electromagnetic Induction.
30. Inductance.
31. Alternating Current.
32. Electromagnetic Waves.


33. The Nature and Propagation of Light.
34. Geometric Optics and Optical Instruments.
35. Interference.
36. Diffraction.

Modern Physics.

37. Relativity.
38. Quantum Physics I: Photons, Electrons, and Atoms.
39. Quantum Physics II: The Wave Nature of Particles.
40. Quantum Physics III: Quantum Mechanics.
41. Atomic Structure.
42. Molecules and Condensed Matter.
43. Nuclear Physics.
44. Particle Physics and Cosmology.

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