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Urban Life : Readings in Urban Anthropology

Urban Life : Readings in Urban Anthropology - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 978-0881338607

Cover of Urban Life : Readings in Urban Anthropology 3RD 96 (ISBN 978-0881338607)
ISBN13: 978-0881338607
ISBN10: 0881338605
Edition: 3RD 96
Copyright: 1996
Publisher: Waveland Press, Inc.
Published: 1996
International: No

Urban Life : Readings in Urban Anthropology - 3RD 96 edition

ISBN13: 978-0881338607

George Gmelch and Walter P. Zenner

ISBN13: 978-0881338607
ISBN10: 0881338605
Edition: 3RD 96
Copyright: 1996
Publisher: Waveland Press, Inc.
Published: 1996
International: No

This fascinating anthology of readings contains both a rich blend of classic studies of enduring interest as well as important new research. Altogether, thirty-two anthropologists and social scientists provide an authoritative introduction to the study of human beings and their cultural institutions in cities. The collection's primary concerns are the unique demands posed by urban social environments and the ways in which human cultures have dealt with them. The essays are integrated by several underlying themes, chief among them being adaptation--the strategies people, both as individuals and as members of groups, use to cope with the demands of life in the city. The volume is comparative, drawing on research completed in all parts of the world.

Table of Contents

Part I. Urbanism

1. Urbanism as a Way of Life (Louis Wirth)
2. The Urban Experience: A Psychological Analysis (Stanley Milgram)
3. Urban Danger: Life in a Neighborhood of Strangers (Sally Engle Merry)
4. The Metropolis and Everyday Life (Robert Rotenberg)
5. The Preindustrial City (Gideon Sjoberg)
6. The Preindustrial City: Reflections Four Decades Later (Gideon Sjoberg and Andree F. Sjoberg)
7. Cities and Human Health (Lawrence M. Schell)

Part II. Urban Fieldwork: Anthropologists in Cities

8. Anthropological Fieldwork in Cities (George M. Foster and Robert V. Kemper)
9. Doing It: Urban Research in Popayan, Colombia (Michael Whiteford)
10. An Urban Field Experience: Irish Travellers in Dublin (Sharon Bohn Gmelch)

Part III. Migration and the Adaptation of Migrants to City Life

11. Migration and Adaptation: Tzintzuntzenos in Mexico City and Beyond (Robert V. Kemper)
12. Bogdan's Story: The Adaptation of a Rural Family to Yugoslavian Urban Life (Andrei Simic)
13. A West Indian Life in Britain (George Gmelch)
14. Women are Migrants Too: A Portuguese Perspective (Caroline B. Brettell)
15. Surviving in the City: Coping Strategies of Female Migrants in Nairobi, Kenya (Nici Nelson)
16. European Cyclical Migration and Economic Development: The Case of Southern Spain (Robert Rhoades)
17. Reflections of an Urban Anthropologist (Walter P. Zenner)

Part IV. Urban Family, Kinship, and Interpersonal Relations

18. The Myth of the Declining Family: Extended Family Ties among Urban Mexican-Americans and Anglo-Americans (Susan Emley Keefe)
19. The Kindred of Viola Jackson: Residence and Family Organization of an Urban Black American Family (Carol B. Stack)
20. Urban Chinese: Family Life in a Communist Society (William Jankowiak)
21. Wives and Servants: Women in Middle-Class Households, Guatemala City (Laurel Bossen)

Part V. Urban Class and Ethnicity

22. Coping with Poverty: A Crosscultural View of the Behavior of the Poor (Edwin Eames and Judith Goode)
23. The Culture of Poverty (Oscar Lewis)
24. An Anthropological Critique of the Culture of Poverty (Judith Goode, Edwin Eames)
25. Office Work and the Crack Alternative among Puerto Rican Drug Dealers in East Harlem (Philippe Bourgois)
26. A South Indian Caste in a Bombay Slum (Owen M. Lynch)
27. Urban Women as Political Activists, Merida, Yucatan, Mexico (Kathleen Logan)
28. The Transnational Web of Syrian-Jewish Relations (Walter P. Zenner)

Part VI. Urban Places and Spaces

29. Within the Wall and Beyond: Ethnicity in Harar, Ethiopia (Sidney R. Waldron)
30. Territoriality and Social Organization in Islamic Cities (Janet Lippman Abu-Lughod)
31. The Genesis and Function of Squatter Settlements in Brasilia (David Epstein)
32. Forging Tradition: Social Life and Identity in a Tokyo Neighborhood (Theodore C. Bestor)
33. Ordinary People/Everyday Life: Folk Culture in New York City (Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett)

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