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West in the World, Volume II

West in the World, Volume II - 4th edition

ISBN13: 978-0077367602

Cover of West in the World, Volume II 4TH 11 (ISBN 978-0077367602)
ISBN13: 978-0077367602
ISBN10: 007736760X
Cover type: Paperback
Edition/Copyright: 4TH 11
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
Published: 2011
International: No

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West in the World, Volume II - 4TH 11 edition

ISBN13: 978-0077367602

Dennis Sherman

ISBN13: 978-0077367602
ISBN10: 007736760X
Cover type: Paperback
Edition/Copyright: 4TH 11
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company

Published: 2011
International: No

Connect students to thestoriesof history. Connect students tosuccessin history. Connect students to theexperienceof history.

At McGraw-Hill, we have spent the past few years deepening our understanding of the student and instructor experience. Employing a wide array of research tools including surveys, focus groups, and ethnographic studies, we've identified areas in need of improvement to provide an opportunity for greater learning and teaching experiences. The new edition ofThe West in the Worldis a direct result of this in-depth research.

The West in the World'snewest edition is also a first in the teaching and learning of Western Civilization. Its groundbreaking web-based digital solution, its unique mid-length and lively narrative, and its rich, outstanding visuals creates a unique teaching and learning environment propelling greater student success and overall improved course results. Instructors gain better insight into students' engagement and understanding as students develop a base of knowledge and construct stronger critical thinking skills. Unparalleled coverage of art and culture as well as science and technology sets the stage and provides rich insights into historical time periods and events. The captivating stories and lush images keep students turning the page, helping prepare for class discussion and course work while its new teaching and learning platform, Connect History, enables students to engage with the course content on a greater level.

The West in the Worldillustrates the significance of economic, political, social and cultural interactions that shaped Western civilization while asking students to analyze the events and themes in order to build a greater understanding of the past and an appreciation of history's influence on the present. WithThe West in the World, students are no longer simply reading; they are reading, interacting, and enga

Table of Contents

Table of Contents Preface Chapter 13. The Struggle for Survival and Sovereignty: Europe's Social and Political Order, 1600-1715 Stresses in Traditional Society Royal Absolutism in France The Struggle for Sovereignty in Eastern Europe The Triumph of Constitutionalism Chapter 14. A New World of Reason and Reform: The Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment, 1600-1800 Questioning Truth and Authority Developing a Modern Scientific View Supporting and Spreading Science Laying the Foundations for the Enlightenment The Enlightenment in Full Stride Chapter 15. Competing for Power and Wealth: The Old Regime, 1715-1789 Statebuilding and War The Twilight of Monarchies? The Question of Enlightened Absolutism Changes in Country and City Life The Culture of the Elite: Combining the Old and the New Culture for the Lower Classes Foreshadowing Upheaval: The American Revolution Global Context Essay, III: Moving into the Modern World Chapter 16. Overturning the Political and Social Order: The French Revolution and Napoleon, 1789-1815 ''A Great Ferment'': Trouble Brewing in France The Constitutional Monarchy: Establishing a New Order To the Radical Republic and Back Napoleon Bonaparte Chapter 17. Factories, Cities, and Families in the Industrial Age: The Industrial Revolution, 1780-1850 The Industrial Revolution Begins New Markets, Machines, and Power Industrialization Spreads to the Continent Balancing the Benefits and Burdens of Industrialization Life in the Growing Cities Public Health and Medicine in the Industrial Age Family Ideals and Realities Chapter 18. Coping with Change: Ideology, Politics, and Revolution, 1815-1850 The Congress of Vienna: A Gathering of Victors Ideologies: How the World Should Be Restoration and Repression A Wave of Revolution and Reform The Dam Bursts: 1848 Chapter 19. Nationalism and Statebuilding: Unifying Nations, 1850-1870 Building Unified Nation-States The Drive for Italian Unification Germany ''By Blood and Iron'' The Fight for National Unity in North America Divided Authority in the Austrian and Ottoman Empires Using Nationalism in France and Russia Chapter 20. Mass Politics and Imperial Domination: Democracy and the New Imperialism, 1870-1914 Demands for Democracy Insiders and Outsiders: Politics of the Extremes Emigration: Overseas and Across Continents The New Imperialism: The Race for Africa and Asia Chapter 21. Modern Life and the Culture of Progress: Western Society, 1850-1914 The Second Industrial Revolution The New Urban Landscape City People Sports and Leisure in the Cities Private Life: Together and Alone at Home Science in an Age of Optimism Culture: Accepting the Modern World From Optimism to Uncertainty Chapter 22. Descending Into the Twentieth Century: World War and Revolution, 1914-1920 On the Path to Total War The Front Lines War on the Home Front To the Bitter End Assessing the Losses The Peace Settlement Revolutions in Russia Chapter 23. Darkening Decades: Recovery, Dictators, and Depression, 1920-1939 00 Trying to Recover from the Great War, 1919-1929 Turning Away From Democracy: Dictatorships and Fascism, 1919-1929 Transforming the Soviet Union: 1920-1939 The Great Depression: 1929-1939 Nazism in Germany Chapter 24. Into the Fire Again: World War II, 1939-1945 The Road to War: 1931-1939 Axis Victories, 1939-1942 Struggle and Horror Behind the Front Lines Turning the Tide of War, 1942-1945 Peace and the Legacy of War Global Context Essay, IV: Forming the Present Chapter 25. Superpower Struggles and Global Transformations: The Cold War,1945-1980s Origins of the Cold War East and West: Two Paths to Recovery in Europe The Twilight of Colonialism A Sense of Relativity in Thought and Culture Protests, Problems, and New Politics: The 1960s to the 1980s Postindustrial Society Breakthroughs in Science Chapter 26. Into the Twenty-First Century: The Present in Perspective The Collapse of Communism Repercussion and Realignments in the West The World and the West from a Global Perspective Glossary Credits Index

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