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Western Civilization : The Continuing Experiment, Brief Volume I

Western Civilization : The Continuing Experiment, Brief Volume I - 99 edition

Western Civilization : The Continuing Experiment, Brief Volume I - 99 edition

ISBN13: 9780395885499

ISBN10: 0395885493

Western Civilization : The Continuing Experiment, Brief Volume I by Noble T. F. X., Strauss, Osheim, Neuschel, Cohen, Roberts and Hecht - ISBN 9780395885499
Edition: 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Published: 1999
International: No
Western Civilization : The Continuing Experiment, Brief Volume I by Noble T. F. X., Strauss, Osheim, Neuschel, Cohen, Roberts and Hecht - ISBN 9780395885499

ISBN13: 9780395885499

ISBN10: 0395885493


Carefully edited and rewritten to retain the key coverage of the original text, Western Civilization: The Continuing Experiment, Brief, presents a strong chronological and political framework and seamlessly integrates the social and cultural forces that have shaped the western past and continue to inform "the continuing experiment." Two related main themes are pursued throughout: 1) Europe in relation to the rest of the world and non-Western influences, and 2) power in all its senses--public and private, economic, social, cultural, political, symbolic, and real.

"Questions and Ideas to Consider," following each chapter-opening vignette, helps students focus on important issues.

"West in the World" theme explores the roles of the frontier and non-European regions, revealing and explaining the shifting boundaries and meanings of "the West."

"Encounters" boxes are a primary source feature that highlights the West in the World theme, engaging the student in a lively discussion of how the West influenced and was influenced by the non-West.

Author Bio

Noble, Thomas F. X. : University of Virginia

Strauss, Barry S. : Cornell University

Osheim, Duane J. : University of Virginia

Neuschel, Kristen B. : Neuschel Duke University

Cohen, William B. : Indiana University System

Roberts, David D. : University of Georgia

Hecht, Jennifer Michael : Nassau Community College

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. The Ancestors of the West

Origins, to ca. 3000 B.C.
Mesopotamia, 3000 B.C. to ca. 100 B.C.
Egypt, to ca. 1100 B.C.
Israel, ca. 1500-400 B.C.
Western Asia and the Levant, 1400-330 B.C.

2. Ancient Greece

Early Greece, to ca. 750 C.C.
Archaic Society and the Rise of Sparta, ca. 750-500 B.C.
Athens: Archaic Greece to the Classical Ideal, ca. 650-404 B.C.
Struggles for Hegemony
Culture: From Archaic to Classical Greece
Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic World, 323-30 B.C.

3. Rome: From Republic to Empire, ca. 509-44 B.C.

Before the Republic
Society and Culture of the Roman Republic
Government and Society in the Early and Middle Republic, ca. 509-133 B.C.
From Italian City-State to World Empire
The Revolution from the Gracchi to Caesar, 133-44 B.C.

4. Imperial Rome, 27 B.C.-A.D. 284

Augustus and the Principate, 27 B.C.-A.D. 68
The Roman Peace, A.D. 69-180
The Crisis of the Third Century, A.D. 180-284
Early Christianity

5. The World of Late Antiquity, ca. 300-600

Rebuilding the Roman Empire
The Fourth-Century Empire: An Illusory Stability
From Western Roman Empire to Germanic Kingdoms
The Roman Empire in the East
Christian Culture and Life

6. Early Medieval Civilizations, ca. 600-900

The Islamic East
The Byzantine Empire
Christian Kingdoms in the West
The World of Charlemagne
Early Medieval Economies and Societies

7. The Expansion of Europe, ca. 900-1150

Signs of Expansion
The Traditional Order of Society
Germany and the Empire
Shaping the Kingdom
The Growth of New States
Cultural Life in an Age of Expansion
A Clash of Cultures: The First Crusade

8. Medieval Civilization at Its Height, ca. 1150-1300

The Empire and the Papacy
The Evolution of Central Governments
Economic Life
Social and Religious Movements
The Height of Medieval Culture
Boniface VII and Philip IV: Crisis of Church and State, 1294-1302

9. The Transformation of Medieval Civilization, 1300-1500

The Crisis of the Western Christian Church
The Challenge to Medieval Governments
Formation of the Ottoman and Spanish Empires
Economy and Society

10. The Renaissance

Humanism and Culture in Italy, 1300-1500
The Arts in Italy, 1250-1550
The Spread of the Renaissance, 1350-1536
The Renaissance and Court Society
The Renaissance Papacy

11. Europe, the Old World and the New

The European Background, 1250-1492
Portuguese Voyages of Discovery, 1350-1515
Spanish Voyages of Discovery, 1492-1522
Spain's Colonial Empire, 1492-1600
The Columbian Exchange

12. The Age of the Reformation

The Reformation movements, ca. 1517-1545
The Empire of Charles V
The English Reformation, 1520-1603
Reform in Other States, 1523-1560
The Late Reformation, ca. 1545-1600

13. Europe in the Age of Religious War, 1555-1648

Society and the State
Imperial Spain and the Limits of Power
Religious and Political Crisis in France and England
The Holy Roman Empire and the Thirty Years' War
Society and Culture

14. Europe in the Age of Louis XIV, ca. 1610-1715

France in the Age of Absolutism
The English Revolution
New Powers in Central and Eastern Europe
The Rise of Overseas Trade

15. A Revolution in World-View

The Revolution in Astronomy
The Scientific Revolution Generalized
Science and Society