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10 Most Popular Textbooks for Fall Semester 2013

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These are the textbooks that every student's after!

These are the textbooks that every student's after!

Right now, students all over the country are stocking up on next semester’s required textbooks. You know what YOU need, sure – but have you ever wondered what everyone else is reading? Or if the book you’re using is what everybody else is using, too?

We’ve compiled a list of this summer’s best-sellers (and they’re all available for purchase on Read on for a peek at this season’s most popular textbooks.

1. Sociology in Our Times: Essentials (8th ED) by Diana Elizabeth Kendall
In addition to being informative, #1 on our list of most popular textbooks is a good read. It utilizes true first-person accounts and familiar themes to show you can identify and improve upon sociological principles in your community.

2. Bluebook: Uniform System of Citation (19th ED) by the Harvard Law Review
Lots of aspiring lawyers in the house! Making uniform citations is a painstaking necessity of the legal process, and students seem to agree that the Bluebook is a clear, concise resource.

3. Survey of Mathematics with Applications: Expanded Edition (8th ED) by Allen R. Angel
You know how, no matter what your major, you need to take that one college math class? Well, #3 on our most popular textbooks list might very likely be the book you end up buying! It’s a high-level overview of math across the board.

4. Conceptual Chemistry (4th ED) by John A. Suchocki
When you think chemistry, you might think numbers: formulas, measurements, and data. And while this text definitely covers the numbers, its big emphasis is on the concepts that underlie the computations.

5. Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 2nd Printing (6th ED) by the American Psychological Association
This is perennially on our list of most popular textbooks because it’s basically the best-ever guide to non-fiction writing. When you need guidelines for publishing in any type of format, the APA Manual is your BFF.

6. Human Geography in Action (5th ED) by Michael Kuby
“Human geography” is a very cool term that refers to the study of how communities and cultures relate across space. This book uses examples like vernacular terms for soft drinks to illustrate different cultures by region.

7. Writer’s Reference (7th ED) by Diana Hacker
We’re not at all surprised to see this book on our list of this summer’s most popular textbooks, considering it’s the most widely adopted handbook in the country! It’s crafted for students with your unique academic writing needs in mind.

8. Modern Family Law: Cases and Materials (4th ED) by Kelly Weisberg
Contrary to what the title might suggest, Modern Family and Law & Order have not fused to form the greatest show on television. But this textbook is anything but boring. Think family drama in the courtroom and how the law affects people’s lives. Good TV, but the book is better.

9. Signing Naturally: Unit 1-6 Workbooks w/2 DVDs (Revised) by Cheri Smith, Ella Mae Lentz, and Ken Mikos
Immersion is the best way to learn any language, and that’s how this textbook teaches you to sign. Sign language is fascinating, and we’re excited to see an acclaimed ASL resource crack the top 10 most popular textbooks for the upcoming semester.

10. They Say / I Say w/ Readings (2nd ED) by Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein
They say the best way to set up your argument is to summarize what others have said, and we say that we really can’t argue with that! This textbook teaches students how to convincingly communicate, in writing, their stances on important issues.

And there you have it: our 10 most popular textbooks for Fall Semester 2013. Maybe you recognized one from your own classes, or maybe this list got you thinking of interesting electives you could take. You might even consider paging through one of these on your own time. Not all textbooks are dull, after all – especially not the most popular ones!

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