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10 Most Popular Textbooks for Fall Semester 2014

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Most Popular Textbooks 2014 textbookscom BlogIt’s that time of the year. The time for new friends, new classes, and – oh, yes – new textbooks. (Or used textbooks, we love used textbooks, too!) It’s also time for the list of fall’s most popular textbooks. Every so often we are asked, What are your best-selling textbooks, the cream of the studying crop, your #trending textbooks? And every year, we answer, These ones!

We suspect a few of these are on your required reading lists this semester. Or perhaps you want a good reference book, thee reference book for your major (looking at you, Campbell Biology). Or maybe you’re just a curious nerd (looking at you, analytics guy one cube over).

So, without further ado, this semester’s most popular textbooks.

Signing Naturally: Unit 1-6 Workbooks with DVDs (Revised_Edition) ISBN: 978-1581212105 1. Signing Naturally: Unit 1-6 Workbooks with DVDs (Revised Edition) by Cheri Smith, Ella Mae Lentz and Ken Mikos ISBN: 978-1581212105
At hospitals, conferences, music festivals, graduation ceremonies – that’s where sign language professionals do their work, facilitating communication for deaf people. And, judging from our best-selling textbooks list, they learn ASL with a big helping hand from this acclaimed resource.

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 2nd Printing (6th ED) ISBN: 978-14338056152.Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 2nd Printing (6th ED) by the American Psychological Association ISBN: 978-1433805615
For everyone from psychology majors and social workers to non-fiction writers, this is the definitive guide to publishing and formatting in APA style. College papers, journal submissions, department presentations – no citation gets cited and no figures get figured without a thumb through this go-to style manual.

Rules for Writers (7th ED) ISBN: 978-0312647360 3. Rules for Writers (7th ED) by Diana Hacker and Nancy Sommers
ISBN: 978-0312647360
What are the Rules for Writers? Well, there’s this stuff about verbs and nouns and clauses and avoiding long boring sentences like this. But don’t take our word for it – that’s where this writers’ BFF comes in. And you’re in good hands, Hacker handbooks, as they are known, are the most widely adopted in America. (Spoiler alert! You’ll see her name a couple of times on our most top textbooks list.)

They Say / I Say (2nd ED) ISBN: 978-0393912753 4. They Say / I Say (2nd ED) by Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein 
ISBN: 978-0393912753
Need to convincingly communicate your stance on important issues for an argument, ethics, or writing class? This is your book, up from the #10 slot last year. According to this critical thinking tome, they say the best way to set up your argument is to summarize what others have said; we say we can’t argue with that.

Exploring Psychology (9th ED) ISBN: 978-1464111723 5. Exploring Psychology (9th ED) by David G. Myers
ISBN: 978-1464111723
This definitive textbook for intro psych classes covers the basics of human behavior, delving into social reasoning, the emotive process, and personality disorders. In other words, you may finally figure out why your roommate always eats your cheese.

Writer’s Reference (7th ED) ISBN: 978-0312601430 6. A Writer’s Reference (7th ED) by Diana Hacker
ISBN: 978-0312601430
Surprise! Another Hacker handbook on the list. And with good reason – it is one of the best-selling textbooks of all-time. And that’s because it’s not just for English Lit types; it’s for writers of any kind, from history and nursing students to art and engineering majors.

Human Anatomy and Physiology (9th ED) ISBN: 978-0321743268 7. Human Anatomy and Physiology (9th ED)  by Elaine N. Marieb
ISBN: 978-0321743268
Who will you see lugging this ridiculously thick tome around campus? Yup, it’ll be the pre-med students, nursing majors, and pretty much anyone in bio sciences giving their biceps brachii a big workout with this 1,200-page wonder.

Art of Public Speaking (11th ED) ISBN: 978-0073406732 8. The Art of Public Speaking (11th ED) by Stephen E. Lucas
ISBN: 978-0073406732
The umms, the uhhs, the cold sweats at the thought of a class presentation - this speech communications standard can’t cure your nervousness (it’s normal, says Lucas! Phew!). But it will guide you through the organized steps of selecting a topic and supporting your arguments, up through practicing delivery and visual aids. (That cheese-stealing roommate isn’t going to know what hit them.)

Intermediate Accounting (15th ED) ISBN: 978-1118147290 9. Intermediate Accounting (15th ED) by Donald E. Kieso
ISBN: 978-1118147290
Balance sheets, cash flow, receivables, depreciation, inventories, assets – if these words set you a-titter, then you’re destined for life in number crunching (or is it number crushing?). And this market-leading textbook will get you there.

Bluebook: Uniform System of Citation (19th ED) ISBN: 978-0615361161 10. The Bluebook: Uniform System of Citation (19th ED) by the Harvard Law Review ISBN: 978-0615361161
Is there a lawyer in the house? And by the house, we mean a future J.D. hunkered down in the library with their new BFFs Cantwell v. Connecticut and Gideon v. Wainwright? This law citation standard-bearer is probably sitting amongst all the empty coffee cups.

Did your textbook faves make the list? Any on the docket for your required reading this semester? Curious what last year’s most popular textbooks were? Let us know!