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5 Pinterest Boards for College Dorm Room Inspiration

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Pinterest is a great resource for DIY dorm decor.

Pinterest is a great resource for DIY dorm decor.

I knew from the start that I wanted my dorm room to look amazing. I was excited to have a blank space to decorate and make my own. In search of design inspiration, I turned to Pinterest, a great source for all kinds of home decor ideas. Here are five Pinterest boards that give great decorating tips for dorms, complete with DIY projects and organization ideas.

1. For keeping up on the newest trends...

Maintained by the people at Dormify and Studentrate, this popular Pinterest board, [Dorm Room] Trends, is a collection of the hottest dorm content on Pinterest. It contains pictures and links to everything including DIY tutorials, awesome dorm room examples, organizational tips, and reasonable prices on dorm essentials.

2. For bringing art to your dorm...

Cool Dorm Ideas features unique and artsy ideas for dorm decoration, like innovative jewelry holders to awesome wall art. Many of its pictures look like they are expensive products but are actually DIY projects. My favorite idea? Repurposing a bicycle wheel as a picture holder!

3. For great DIY ideas...

Dorm contains a lot of really practical DIY projects for storage and repurposing. From ideas as simple as using pretty vintage bowls for nail polish storage to creating complicated T-shirt quilts, this board has got you covered.

4. For inspiration from real college dorm rooms...

Though it contains some projects and products, For the Dorm is primarily made up of pictures of amazing college dorms. I've found that these are great sources of inspiration. I love looking at the way people organize their clothing or arrange their furniture in a small space. From browsing Pinterest, I have noticed one factor that can really set a room apart: string lights. These are very often reasonably priced and make for great mood lighting. Just make sure that your school allows them in dorms.

5. For organizational ideas...

Also maintained by Dormify, Dorm: Organization is devoted to one of my favorite things: organization! It contains DIY projects and useful products for keeping your life organized in college. It offers solutions to many common dorm room problems, such as messy, cluttered closets and overbooked schedules. I know that I, at least, need to try some of those tips for desk organization!

So, when staring at the four blank walls and stark furniture in your dorm room, don't dismay. There's plenty of help out there to get your room organized and looking fabulous. Thanks to Pinterest, I was able to decorate my freshman dorm room with collaged storage boxes, a scarf-organizer made from coat hangers, and, of course, lots of string lights. And next year, I'm definitely trying out that bicycle picture frame idea.

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