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8 Tips for Selling Used Books for Cash

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As your schedule gets more crowded than the dining hall's DIY waffle station, you might not be thinking about how to keep your textbooks sturdy, stain-free, and in good condition. But take care! Books in bad shape aren't worth beans at buyback because they're unusable by other students.

Straight from the horse's mouth, here are 8 tips for selling used books for the most back at textbook buyback:

1. Highlighting and note-taking is allowed...
But don't go crazy. Clear, small notes can actually add value for the next student, but marks that obscure text make it impossible to use your book again.

2. Preserve the binding.
Stack textbooks flat on their backs and close them when they're not in use. If you're handling a new book with an un-cracked spine, don't force it open.

3. Set it aside before snacking.
Cheeto dust is delicious, but dangerous for textbook pages (and let's just not think about our digestive tracts).

4. Store it in a dry, cool place out of direct sunlight.
So, no windowsills. Bright light dulls the textbook's cover and saps moisture from its pages, making them more likely to tear.

5. Keep your place carefully.
Dog-earing does less damage than Post-Its (dirt and oil stick to the glue and ruin pages), but most of our customers are anti-dog-ear: of the Facebook fans polled, only 18% fold page corners to mark their place. Non-sticky paper bookmarks are the best choice.

6. If you hang out with kids, heed this:
Small children like to rip paper, it seems. Keep your textbook where their surprisingly strong little fingers can't reach.

7. Repeat after me: It's not the book's fault.
Studying is hard. Hard things are the worst, and often lead to outbursts. Don't outburst on your textbook! Hurling a heavy book wrecks its cover and spine.

8. Sell it back to
Create a quote, print the FREE SHIPPING label, get cash back. It really IS that easy. There are tons of ways other companies muck up this process but that's just not our style. We're in the position to give you the very best prices, so we do!

It's simple: just take the time to treat your textbooks like the awesome tools for ultimate knowledge that they really are.

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