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Bring Your Summer Job Skills to Campus

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From scooping ice cream to pet-sitting to interning for a local business, there are ample ways for college students to accumulate cash over summer break. If you're lucky, this year you landed an especially sweet summer gig — one where you learned skills you'll use again while earning enough to save for next semester's expenses.

Unfortunately, once fall classes start, you'll probably need to swap that job for one that fits your new schedule. But what if instead of taking a random on-campus position just to pay the bills, you could keep using your newly-acquired summer job skills?

This Course Hero infographic got us thinking... so we took a look at 8 lucrative summer jobs and figured out how you can translate them to meaningful on-campus work that sharpens your skills, beefs up your resume, and feeds your bank account.


Infographic source: Course Hero
1. Computer lab assistant — Competent computer techs are in demand all over campus. If there's a lab you already frequent, ask the supervisor if they could use an attendant on hand to resolve everyday issues. You can also help out by running performance checks and monitoring network activity.

2. Admin assistant — Lucky you! This job sharpens a useful set of skills that can be applied to pretty much any position. Stressing that you're super-organized and able to complete tasks quickly, check to see if your department head could use some help with keeping their schedule straight and office in perfect order.

3. Fitness trainer — Good trainers are good communicators: they're personable, encouraging, and able to break down difficult concepts into a few simple rules for success. As a personal trainer, you'll show newbies how to properly use equipment, challenge themselves, and measure results.

4. Print center attendant — Many students rely on the print center to make hard copies of their coursework. Because it's a high-traffic area with lots of activity, mishaps can occur. Use your gift with gadgets to fix paper jams and your customer service skills to set your panicked peers at ease.

5. Library assistant — Even in a world ruled by Wikipedia and Google, students still consult their college libraries for primary sources. As a library assistant, your keen research skills and eagerness to help will convince students to visit the library more often — for work, for fun, or just for a little peace and quiet.

6. Bank teller — Skills you pick up by bank-telling — accuracy, discretion and a polite, professional demeanor — can take you far at any job. Leverage these for good pay in an office environment that handles private or confidential info (most obviously: your college's financial aid and loan center).

7. Hotel desk clerk — Hotel desk clerks are the very first thing you see when you check in for an overnight stay. They're friendly, efficient, and happy to accommodate weary travelers. Your warm personality will be a good fit for a receptionist or greeter position at any office on campus.

8. Babysitter — This one's easy; just take it with you! Fill out profiles on sites like SitterCity and to get paired up with families near campus. If you already have a roster of happy clients, be sure to ask if you can use them as references.

What we've found is that it's pretty simple to parlay a well-paying summer gig to an on-campus job that fits your class schedule. Colleges are often eager to place skilled, responsible students in visible positions on campus. Score one of these spots and you'll benefit professionally while making bank!