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College Intramural Sports: A Fun Activity and Great Exercise

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Intramural activities are a great way to get involved on campus without sacrificing academics or your social life. Competitive sports are an essential aspect of many high school students' lives — they provide structure, are a great opportunity to make friends, and present a fun way to get in necessary exercise. Unfortunately, participating in college athletics is not possible or ideal for everyone. Whether you did not make the team, don't have the time to commit, or have an injury that prevented you from trying out, there is a solution to your exercise woes: college intramural sports.

When I got to college, I had been hoping to play on the Division 1 soccer team, but a severe concussion prohibited me from even making tryouts. I was devastated because I would miss being on a team and making new friends, not to mention that playing sports was the main way I got exercise — I hated the gym because there was no fun in it.

After woefully explaining the situation to a friend, she suggested that I try out for the intramural ultimate Frisbee team. To be honest, I was afraid that intramural ultimate Frisbee wouldn't be fun because it wouldn't be competitive or rigorous enough. I went to a few practices, anyway, and was happily surprised. The practices were intense but didn't require that I wake up at 4 am every day so I could get in a three-hour workout. They were also not every day, which allowed me to get my school work done.

I had a roommate who was on the Division 1 rowing team and she was miserable. She never got enough sleep, never had time for her school work, and had no social life. Once I figured out that intramural sports still gave you a great workout and team atmosphere, I was ecstatic that I didn't play Division 1. I would recommend intramural sports to just about anyone.

I made some of my best friends playing intramural ultimate Frisbee and managed to keep off the dreaded Freshman 15. I was eventually voted president of the team and got to do fun things like design the jerseys and plan tournaments, which also allowed me to learn some skills I could put on my resume.

If athletics are an important part of your life but you don't want to sacrifice your social or academic pursuits, then intramural sports may be an ideal activity for you! For more information, stop by your school's student organization fair or take a look at their athletics website.

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