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College Scholarship Opportunities for Your Current College Student

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Many organizations award scholarships to current college students.

Many organizations award scholarships to current college students.

My daughter had a couple of nice local college scholarship awards going into her freshman year. These were one-time amounts and it was great to save some money on the first-semester bill. But I figured there had to be scholarships available to current college students too, so I did some research. It turns out there are lots of resources for finding college scholarship opportunities for current students. Here are the best ones I found.

Independent Scholarship Websites
Websites like Fastweb, Cappex and allow students to enter information about themselves and view scholarships they may be eligible for. We used these sites a lot when my daughter was in high school. Now that she's in college, we just needed to log back in and make sure she was listed as a current college student. This resulted in a list of scholarships open to current college students. These sites allow parents to sign up on behalf of their students, so that's an easy way for you to explore what's out there.

Your Student's College
There are several departments and organizations on campus that may offer college scholarship opportunities to current students. The Financial Aid office is a great place to start the search. The academic department for your student's major may offer departmental scholarships that are available to current students. Campus honor societies and clubs may offer scholarships to their members. If your student is interested in studying abroad, have him or her check with the Study Abroad office for scholarships that apply to study abroad opportunities.

Local Newspapers
This is a great way to find local scholarships that you may not otherwise hear about. You can help your student by checking the local newspapers every week. Sometimes I see articles looking for applicants for scholarships and other times I see articles about students who recently won specific scholarships. I cut out the articles and log the information on a spreadsheet of scholarships for my daughter to look into.

Community Organizations
While there are a lot of community organizations that award college scholarships to high school seniors, there are also some that award scholarships to current college students. For example, our local Rotary Club only awards scholarships to current college students.

Most scholarships for current college students are open to any undergraduate students and not limited to a specific year in college. You can help your student to make a list of potential scholarships and due dates and track them in a planner or calendar. Winning scholarships not only helps to cut down on college costs, it also gives students something to list on internship applications, fellowship and graduate school applications, and on their résumé.

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