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College Wardrobe Essentials: 5 Staples for Every College Girl's Closet

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Mix and match these essentials with items you already own.

Mix and match these essentials with items you already own.

Looking good on a college budget isn't difficult. Just keep a few high-quality college wardrobe essentials on hand that you can pair with other items of clothing. These fashion staples can be worn hundreds of different ways with clothes and accessories you already own to create a new style.

1. Cute, Comfy Flats

Most college schedules involve a lot of walking across campus, so it's important to have a pair of comfortable shoes that you can wear all day. And yes, comfort can be fashionable and you don't have to choose one over the other. Leave the heels for special events and find a good pair of flats that you can spend all day walking in.

2. Good Quality Jeans

Whether you prefer boot cut or skinny jeans, a quality pair that fits well should be among your college wardrobe essentials. I practically lived in jeans in college because they're comfortable, match everything, and can be worn almost anywhere. I recommend dark denim because that wash is easier to dress up. Since you'll be wearing them so often, invest in a good pair that will last you a long time.

3. White Blouse

This is one of the classic college wardrobe essentials that can be worn for any occasion you can think of. Pair it with a cardigan or blazer for dinner out, with a suit for an internship interview, or even with jeans for a more casual look. You can find and wear it with or without sleeves, depending on your style and mix it with other items in your wardrobe any way you like.

4. Functional Everyday Bag

It's important to have a functional bag in your mix of college wardrobe essentials.You might want to consider a messenger bag that doubles as a large purse for the weekend but a good backpack works fine, too. You can find a nice messenger type bag at almost any store, but make sure it's big enough for anything you need to carry to class and that it won't break if it gets a little heavy. I also recommend getting one with pockets to keep smaller items organized inside.

5. Neutral Blazer or Jacket

A final, but important, item to have in your wardrobe is a neutral-colored blazer or jacket. I recommend black or navy because they go with almost any other color. A blazer is a very classy item and it not only looks fantastic, but it also works great in a cold lecture hall to keep you warm. A blazer can be dressed up for a more formal outing or you can keep it casual with jeans and a t-shirt.

All of these college wardrobe essentials fit in a college budget, and buying quality pieces means that they'll hold up for a long time. Mix and match these wardrobe staples to create a style that's all your own (without going broke).

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