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Dorm Room Pets: Why Bettas Are The Best

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Living in a dorm doesn't always mean giving up the companionship of a pet. While most schools don't allow dorm room pets of the furry kind, some will allow fish.

If you're thinking of getting a fish, consider a betta fish. Bettas are easy to take care of and don't need a lot of space. Since some schools limit the size of fish tanks in dorm rooms, a betta may be perfect. They can live happily in a tank that holds less than 30 gallons of water.

The best part of this type of fish is their personalities. Each one has fun quirks that you'll learn as you get to know them. My fish, Elton, was a nervous little guy. He didn't like it when I took his picture, and he would cower in a corner if I gave him a new aquarium decoration. But he always loved to see me. When I went over to his tank, he would come over to the side and wiggle all around as I said hi to him. It makes it really fun to look at your fish when he reacts to you.

Bettas are very smart, as well, and can learn different types of tricks. One easy trick to teach them is to hold a little piece of food above the surface of their water. They'll jump right up and grab it out of your hand. (Just make sure their water isn't too close to the top of the tank, or they may accidentally jump out of the tank when you're not paying attention.)

These colorful little guys need to be fed twice a day, skipping one day a week to give their tummies a rest. Of course, you also have to wash out their tank every week or so. These fish also love to have soft plants, hiding places, and gravel in their tank.

If you get a male, make sure he's the only fish in the tank. He'll fight with other fish if you put them together. Once you do all of these things, your fish will be a happy, well-cared-for pet.

In addition to the fun you'll have bonding with your new underwater roommate, betta fish are a colorful and pretty addition to your dorm room. Having a bowl of water is an important part of feng shui, which helps to create peace and balance in a room. Plus, the smooth movements of the fish are calming to watch, especially when you're stressed out.

Consider getting a betta fish when you move into your new dorm. They make great dorm room pets, adding wonderful color, a bit of life, and a calming atmosphere to your room.