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How the Pulse App Helps Me Stay in the Loop

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Some of my friends have told me that college is a bubble. They'll go home on vacations and be shocked to learn about major natural disasters in other parts of the world or even the latest happenings in their own communities.

While I agree that it's good to fully immerse yourself in the college experience, I think that a certain amount of global awareness is important. We're going to college, not living in caves.

Luckily, I've found a great app that helps me keep track of news easily and quickly, without taking my focus away from school. The Pulse app is an RSS reader, which means it gathers content from a selection of blogs and displays them in a streamlined way within the app.

Pulse is very customizable, and it's easy to pick out your favorite websites within it. I can create groups for my news sources; I have one for reading world news from the BBC and the New York Times, one for reading my favorite humor blogs and web comics, and one for reading about college life from the college blog.

One of my favorite things about the Pulse app is its mobility. It's available on my computer for me to check out the news when I have free time, but I mostly use it on my phone. When I have a few spare moments waiting in line at the dining hall or on the bus to visit a friend, I can browse through the day's news quickly. When there's a story that really catches my eye, I can save it to read in full later. I can also share stories with my friends on Facebook and Twitter easily.

Pulse was created by two Stanford graduate students, and it's amazing to me that students could create such a powerful and attractive app. Those students created an app that is perfect for college students — an intuitive way to get all your news on the go. I'd recommend the Pulse app to any college student who wants to break out of the bubble.

Available for free on Windows, Android, and iTunes app stores.

Image Source: Flickr