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How to Take Advantage of College Discounts Off Campus

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How to Take Advantage of College Discounts Off Campus When venturing off campus in your free time, you will no doubt discover that your wallet is significantly lighter upon your return to school. As a college student, it can be extremely difficult to maintain a reasonable budget when engaging in activities that surround your campus. Having spent my four years of undergraduate studies in Boston, I am all too familiar with the damage that many students find while looking over their monthly bank statements. However, there are certain college discounts that can minimize the amount of money you spend while still letting you experiencing all that your area has to offer.

Look for student discounts everywhere you go
This is a very effective way to save money in the areas immediately surrounding your campus. For example, public transportation like buses, subways, and trains may offer some sort of reduced fair if you present your student ID when boarding. After doing a little research on the MBTA, Boston's public transportation, I found out that there are reduced fares available for students using the subway. I was able to reduce my fares from $2.00 to $0.75 each time I rode the subway. Similarly, eateries nearby may allow you to use your dining hall dollars to pay for your meals off campus. Museums, theaters, and other entertainment venues may also provide college discounts. In short, always find out if you can get a student discount when exploring off campus — you may be surprised at the amount of money you can save.

Keep an eye out for special events
If your campus is in a town or city, there will likely be many events that take place throughout the year that are geared toward students. For example, my friends and I would always go to a Hibachi restaurant on Thursdays nights because it offered half-priced dinners for students who presented their IDs. Look for these types of events at restaurants, movie theaters, concerts, aquariums, and even your local bowling alleys.

Make use of student coupons
More likely than not, your school will offer a large coupon book that will work in many places near your campus. Ask at your bookstore, because there may be a ton of useful coupons for you to use while venturing off campus. On one of the first few days of my freshman year, my campus bookstore was handing a book of coupons that could be used in over a hundred places in the surrounding area and the city itself. By using these, I was able to save a large amount of money my first year of college. These coupon books are an extremely easy way to find college discounts around you.

College can be an expensive time for students, and it is never a good idea to get into too much debt this early in life. Nonetheless, I advise that you take advantage of your time in college to make your experience as memorable as possible. Finding college discounts will allow you to save money while exploring life outside of campus.