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Increase Your App-Titude: 15 Apps for College Students

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From study time to downtime, we’ve rounded up our favorite apps for college students to help you get smarter, get organized, get in shape, get rocking, and more.

This all-in-one-place, multi-device-syncing app will have you organizing with a capital “Oh yeah!” Class notes, bookmarks, website screenshots, and to-do lists, all taggable and searchable even if handwritten? Is there anything Evernote can’t do?
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From passing presentations to your study group to sending (PG-rated) photos to mom, Dropbox is a must for storing and sharing files large and small.
[On iTunes & Android]

Not enough money going to savings? Too many orders from the local pizza place? The Mint app helps keep your budget on track by automatically categorizing your spending, complete with hue-happy pie charts.
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Study Buddy
Down with distractions and up with focus. Manage your productivity, time your study breaks to keep you on track, and graph your study-time efficiency (yes, our little nerds, there’s such a thing as efficiency graphs).
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Trabajar? You got it – that’s “to work” in Spanish. Normal blood pressure range? Correct - less than 120/80! A cool flashcard app to search 45+ million study card sets? That’s right – Quizlet!
[On iTunes & Android]

My Fitness Pal
What is that extra bowl of cereal at the dining hall costing you? And how many loops around campus do you have to do to burn it off? Find out with this easy-to-use calorie and exercise tracker.
[On iTunes & Android]

With this mobile pay app, you can easily square up your roommates on everything from the cable bill to last night’s concert to tonight’s Thai takeout.
[On iTunes & Android]

The Free Dictionary
Sure, most of the other wordsmith apps have a slicker interface but’s mobile app has the most comprehensive database, cool word games, and 13 foreign languages to search, too.
[On iTunes & Android]

A must for bargainistas, Lyst lets you widget your way to the best deals on top designers like J. Crew and Topshop. One quick-save click and Lyst will email as soon as your wishlist picks go on sale.
[On iTunes]

Remember the last time you missed Kings of Leon tickets going onsale? Never again with this concert tracker app, which sends you alerts when your favorite bands are coming to town.
[On iTunes]

Learn a new language or brush up with this fun, design-friendly app that offers Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and English. Bueno, baby!
[On iTunes & Android]

Microsoft Office Mobile
We’re not sure why you would want to create an Excel spreadsheet on your phone but now you can go on with your =sum bad self. Don’t worry - also has cloud-friendly versions of Word and Powerpoint.
[On iTunes & Android]

Key Ringkeyring-app
Your wallet’s going to thank you (and weigh a lot less) once you sync all those loyalty cards on Key Ring. Plus you can check your frequent flyer miles, join new programs instantly, download instant coupons, and create shopping lists by store.
[On iTunes & Android]

With Spotify, you can skip when you want, play who you want, and now, listen on any device you want, with no fee, only a handful of ads, and the most impressive catalog going.
[On iTunes & Android]

TED Talks
Because you’re going to need something to talk about (and learn from) besides your classes.
[On iTunes & Android]