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No More Excuses! 30 Minute Dorm Room Cardio Workout

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Get into these and do a killer dorm room cardio workout!

Get into these and do a killer dorm room cardio workout!

No more excuses for not finishing your daily cardio workout. Getting in shape doesn't require a gym or lots of time. Just 30 minutes in your dorm can provide a quick cardio workout in between study sessions.

Between classes, a part-time job, studying, and extracurricular activities, it seemed like I never found time to go to the gym, but because I needed to keep in shape, I found simple ways to exercise in my dorm during small study breaks.

Warm Up

It's extremely important to stretch before any workout because it helps to loosen muscles and prevent injury. Stretching is always important, whether you're playing sports or doing a simple workout in your dorm. I usually stretch for about five minutes, making sure to stretch my arms, legs, and obliques (sides of the torso). This can also be combined with a high step march in place to warm up muscles and prep for your workout.


I like to add crunches to my cardio workout because they're a good way to get your heart going, plus it works out abdominal muscles at the same time. A good way to start is three sets of 10 crunches, which help to continue burning calories even after your workout.

Push Ups

Push ups are great for a workout because they use many muscles in your body while still increasing your heart rate for good cardio. It's alright to do them on either your toes or your knees, but it's important to keep your back straight and your arms in proper position, with your hands directly below your shoulders. For this move, I like to do three sets of 10 push ups.

Jumping Jacks

This is a very simple exercise that everyone knows how to do. A few sets of jumping jacks move many muscles in your body and will definitely get your heart pumping. Just a few sets take very little time and fit in great for a 30-minute dorm room workout.

Stair Climbing

Forget about the stair climber! Use the stairs in your dorm hall or apartment building. For intensity in your 30 minute cardio workout, jog up and down the building stairs. Your pulse will quicken in no time, and you'll burn lots of calories. Another option is to take the stairs two at a time at a slower pace instead of jogging.

Cool Down

This should be the final part of any workout you do. Always take time to stretch and cool down slowly after a workout to bring your heart rate down to a more normal rate.

You don't need much time or equipment to make working out part of your routine, just a short 30 minutes in your day may be all you need to work out and stay healthy.

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