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Organizing Your Dorm Room: How to Use Every Inch of Space

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Use your dorm space as creatively to avoid clutter.

Use your dorm space as creatively to avoid clutter.

For most people, moving into a college dorm room will be their first time living in such cramped quarters with someone new. When I first got to college, I was not ready for the small space. It took me a while to figure out how to arrange my furniture and where to store all my stuff, but I found these tips helped me the most as I adjusted to my new living situation:

Planning Ahead

Though I wasn't totally ready for dorm living, I did have the foresight to talk to my roommate about what each of us would bring. A week before I moved into my dorm, we discussed the essentials. I brought the television and microwave while she brought the mini-fridge and printer. I found that sharing these items with my roommate cut down our costs and created more space in our room.

A Place for Everything

In order to stay organized, I found that I needed to keep different items separated. There is nothing worse than waking up late for class and not being able to find a book you need! I realized I needed to keep all of my schoolbooks in one place (my desk), keep my clothes in separate places (closet, drawers, and hangers), and keep my accessories in different places (drawers for toiletries, office supplies, etc). This helped me stay organized without having to think twice.

Temporary Hooks

Stick-on hooks can be found at almost any store, come in numerous shapes and materials (you can even get classy-looking metal ones), and are meant for all different purposes. I found that I needed more space for my bags and scarves. Using stick-on hooks on empty wall space was a great solution to de-clutter my closet, making it much easier for me to find the things I needed and to keep my clothes organized. Some of my friends used stick-on hooks for their hats and many other items.

Stackable Drawers

Plastic stackable drawers were a great way to fill up the empty space under my bed. Instead of just throwing things under there quickly, I used these plastic drawers for even more clothing storage which kept the area under my bed more organized.

Learning how to utilize your space can make dorm life that much easier. Staying organized will allow you to adjust to your new living situation and keep you organized for the year to come!

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