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Stress Relief for College Students: Do a Quick Yoga Workout

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Sun Salutation Yoga Workout

Sun Salutation is a core yoga sequence.

Yoga is a great way to build strength and flexibility, work on balance, and reduce stress. At college, fitting these things in with a hectic schedule becomes even more important. I find that I don't always have time to go through a lengthy routine. Instead, I end up doing short yoga workouts when I can fit them in.

The Sun Salutation is a great, quick yoga workout that you can do in about 10 minutes, but if you have more time, you can repeat it for over an hour. There are good instructions for the Sun Salutation online here.

The Sun Salutation is simple and easy to understand, yet also very thorough; it uses and stretches all major muscle groups. For this reason, it's great for newcomers to yoga, but is also a favorite among experienced yoga practitioners.

I try to do some yoga every morning when I wake up at college, usually a Sun Salutation or two. Even if I only have a few minutes, spending them doing yoga is the perfect way to start my day. It allows me to wake up more thoroughly and feel great heading off to early morning lectures or a marathon library session. I am always more attentive and clearheaded if I've gotten some exercise in before heading to class, and yoga is a lot easier to stomach than a morning run.

I also use yoga for quick breaks during long, intense periods of work. If studying is becoming stressful or I find that I am getting drowsy, I like to sneak off to a quiet corner of the library stacks and do a couple of Sun Salutations to refresh myself. I don't even need a mat; any surface will do. I have never had the focus for meditation, but I have found that in situations like this, yoga has the same effect for me. It clears my head, reduces stress, and, afterward, lets me work more effectively.

In addition to the benefits of focus and relaxation, yoga will help build your strength and stretch out tired muscles after you've been hunched over a computer. If you're looking for a boost in the morning, need a way to relax, or simply want to fit in some exercise, try a quick yoga workout!

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