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The 5 Best Things About Your College Roommate

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College roommates sitting together on a bed.

College roommates sitting together on a bed.

Living with a roommate is one of the best experiences you can have in college. Sure, you're not guaranteed to be lifelong best friends with your college roommate, but it's really helpful and rewarding to live with someone with whom you get along. My roommates were all great people who prove that there are many perks to sharing a dorm or apartment with someone.

In my opinion, here are the 5 best things about your college roommate:

1. She can give you a second opinion.

Maybe you aren't sure how your outfit looks for a date or an interview. Or maybe you're wondering how to word something for an essay. If you need a quick second opinion, your roommate is right there to help you with an honest perspective.

2. She can be your gym partner.

If your college roommate enjoys working out, you can motivate each other to get out of your room and actually go to the gym. My freshman year, my roommate and I did just that and it worked really well. We both set our alarms for 6 a.m. and held one another accountable for exercising. Of if she's not really into fitness, your roommate can be that person who kicks you into gear and pressure you to go.

3. She'll share your clearning duties.

If you live alone, guess who has to do all the cleaning in your dorm or apartment? That's right, you. If you have a roommate, though, you can split the chores so that you each have less work to do. Suddenly, cleaning is no longer a day-long task and you have more time to enjoy your weekend. My college roommate and I split chores and alternated less pleasant tasks such as cleaning the shower. With bigger tasks, such as cleaning the kitchen, we worked together to clean and always finished quickly.

4. She'll care for you when you're sick.

I can't count the number of times a college roommate has helped me survive while I've been sick. From the common colds to tonsillitis, we always took care of each other when we were feeling under the weather. If you live alone, you have to care for yourself, but when you live with someone, they can help cook for you or pick up your medicine.

5. She can provide emotional support during the tough times.

After a long day of classes or dealing with your least favorite professor, it's nice to come home to someone who understands what you're going through. When I didn't do so well on an exam or was going through a breakup, my roommate could always relate. She'll be there when you get home if you need a friendly hello or someone to talk to.

For me, having a college roommate who was there to help me away while I got adjusted to living away from home was really helpful. Sharing living space led to friendships with new, supportive people who I can still call my friends today. Even if you don't end up being best friends with your roommate, you can still support and encourage one another through all sorts of college experiences.

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