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The Best Part-Time Jobs for College Students

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Tutoring is a great part-time job for students.

Tutoring is a great part-time job for college students.

It can be tough to find good jobs for college students. Classes take up most of our time, and because of our vacations, we don't stay in one place for long. A lot of companies are wary of hiring college students because we can't work full time or long term.

On-campus jobs are some of the best jobs for college students. Most colleges provide online listings of available student jobs. These are great because they are tailor-made for students. Colleges understand that they have to work around their student employees' class schedules.

Some of these jobs might be "warm body" jobs, ones in which they just need someone to sit there and ocassionally answer a question or two. (Think desk sitter at the Student Union.) They're great because you can do your homework while you're working.

Occasionally, you can find campus jobs related to your major or interests. Drama students may want to usher at the theater, while biology majors may be able to find a position assisting in a professor's research. Those jobs can be a good way to gain some professional experience.

Tutoring is another great on-campus job. Most schools have tutoring resources for struggling students. Eligible tutors can then sign up through the school. If you don't find the right fit through your college, you can find a tutoring job through websites like Many of these are free and easy to join.

My favorite college job is babysitting. Often parents look for evening babysitters, which are great hours for college students. It also means that you will most likely have time to do homework after the kids are in bed.

To get a babysitting job, you can hang flyers, keep an eye on the classifieds, or see if your professors need any help with their kids. You can also use websites like and Sittercity to find jobs. These sites have tons of available jobs in cities like Boston, where I go to school, but I've found that even in my tiny New England hometown, people are posting their babysitting needs. I really recommend using these sites because they are an easy way to find temporary work wherever you are.

Whatever job you end up choosing, I advise finding one that understands your position as a college student. Though money is often tight for us, academics should be our top priority. The right employer will understand that learning comes first.

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