The Secret to a Successful Summer Internship

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Make yourself valuable at your summer internship.

Make yourself valuable at your summer internship.

This summer, I successfully applied to an amazing summer internship. I am a writer, and my internship is at a satirical online news publication which publishes articles that are not quite true about a variety of current events.

While some writing internships involve administrative work and fetching coffee, this one really allows me to be creative. I get to pitch ideas, write articles, edit pictures and stories, and brainstorm social media strategies.

It's a small company, which makes it easier for me to be an important and vital part of the organization. And being vital is key. Making myself valuable to my company has opened up opportunities for me.

In order to make yourself valuable, you have to work hard. This does not have to mean working overtime. Remaining very focused during the time of your internship, whether in an office or remotely, shows that you are responsible and allows you to accomplish an impressive amount of work.

I know it can be tough to put that much effort into a summer internship, especially if you are working another job and your internship is unpaid, but remember that you're there for the experience. The more you treat it like a real job, the more you'll get out of it.

For my internship, I work remotely, meaning that I work from home and communicate with my supervisor through email, instant messaging, and video conferences. I have a few designated work days during which I am expected to complete all of my work and be available on my computer. Though it has sometimes been tempting to take a long lunch or shopping break during these days, I have tried to remain focused on the day's tasks.

Because I've tried hard to remain focused during my internship, I have accomplished more than I expected. I am one of the most frequently published writers on the website, which makes me an integral part of the company. I have done my best to proofread others' articles thoughtfully and quickly. My supervisor has noticed and praised my hard work and initiative, which is always gratifying, and given me more responsibility as the internship has progressed.

Why go through all this effort? There are two main reasons. First, it makes you look great at your internship. If your employer realizes that you're doing work that the company would miss without you, it can lead to a job offer, or at least a glowing letter of recommendation. I hope that since I have been such an active contributor to our website, I will be able to continue writing for it once the summer is over.

But the most important reason is that it teaches you how to be hard worker. Maximizing your time, doing your best work, making an effort to learn, and figuring out how to make your work stand out are all skills that will transfer into the working world, which is what internships are all about.

So whether you're at a small company or large office, try to find a way to go above and beyond. Make your work valuable to the company, and you and your company will reap the rewards.

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