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Tip for Making Friends at College: Join Clubs and Student Groups

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Joining clubs and sports teams can help you find a good group of friends.

Joining clubs and sports teams can help you find a good group of friends.

I can still remember the day before I left for college. Unfortunately I decided to wait until the last moment to get all of my stuff together. As my father called for me to hurry along and finish loading up the car before we made the five-hour drive to my first day of college, I took a minute to look back at the house I had grown up in. I suddenly began to reminisce about the friends I had made in high school and became hopeful about making friends at college.

Once my father's car pulled into campus and we unloaded all of my stuff into my dorm room, I took the time to meet all of my roommates. I had heard from some of the recent college graduates in my community that it was important to not only make friends with your roommates but also to get involved in on-campus organizations, which would help in making friends at college.

Like many freshman, my first friends in college were my roommates. Before classes started we were inseparable, and though we maintained a close relationship throughout college, we also encouraged each other to get involved on-campus. The first clubs on campus I became a part of were the basketball, football, and softball intramural teams, which one of my roommates also joined. My roommate and I not only further bonded over these activities, we also met a new group of students, many of whom would become close friends.

From football intramurals I met a student who was a part of the Gaelic Society on campus. With a proud sense of Irish heritage in my family I decided to join the organization to meet other students with similar interest. The Gaelic Society allowed me to share Irish food, music, and culture with other students on campus. I was also excited to experience other students' cultures, so I began to attend events held by the Middle Eastern Students Association, the Italian Students Association, and others. Attending these events opened up a new group of friends for me.

Through attending events held by the Middle Eastern Students Association I met a student who was part of the Arabic club. I had always found the Middle East to be a beautiful and interesting region of the world, so I took the chance to start learning Arabic. The skills I learned in Arabic club helped me a lot after I graduated and, most importantly, I had a lot of fun learning the language!

Like many freshman I was a little nervous about going to college at first, but once I took steps to become involved on campus it seemed as if I never had a dull moment. Joining clubs on campus not only allowed me to learn new things it also allowed me to meet new and interesting people. College has been the time of my life so far, and I credit it all to the numerous organizations I have participated in.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons