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Try a Calendar App to Organize Your Class Schedule

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Calendar apps help students stay organized. Life can seem pretty frantic when you're first starting college. You have forms to fill out, classrooms to find, and meeting times to remember. I've found that a calendar app is a great way to organize my schedule. I almost always have my phone on me, so a calendar app is perfect if I need to make plans quickly or double-check a classroom's number.

A lot of calendar apps are very customizable and easy to use, and many are built specifically for college students. Here are a few great ones for organizing your college schedule.

1. iStudiez Pro
This amazing app is great for all kinds of college schedules. You can organize your assignments within the app and view all of your upcoming classes, extracurriculars, and assignments in the Today view. You can also record your grades and calculate your GPA. iStudiez Pro is available on the iPad and iPhone for $2.99 and the Mac for $9.99. There's also a free version (iStudiez Lite) with limited features.

2. My Class Schedule
This is a great app for students. It provides a color-coded calendar for your classes and keeps track of grades and assignments, too. It can also mute your phone automatically during class time, which is a very helpful feature. This app is free on Android and is great for students who want to start their year off on the right foot.

3. inClass
inClass is an excellent and comprehensive free app for the iPhone and iPad. In addition to allowing you to manage assignments, grades, and class times, it lets you create and share class notes. Even more than the first two, this app is designed solely for classes — it doesn't provide support for extracurriculars or social events.

4. Sunrise
Sunrise is not made specifically for students, but it's a powerful calendar app that's available free on the iPhone. It integrates with Google Calendar, which is great for syncing across devices. It features a continuous flow of days, so you can scroll through to see all your events. The app also features access to weather, Facebook events, LinkedIn contacts, reminders, and Google Maps for directions to events. You can also sign up to receive daily emails detailing the day's events.

Sunrise, like most calendar apps, allows for repeat events, which is great for scheduling classes. I've used it as an all-purpose calendar for classes, social events, and more, and I've been very happy with its many features and great design.

5. Fantastical
This is another excellent all-purpose calendar app. It's very stylish and easy to figure out. It also features a beautifully designed Mac application so you can sync across devices. Though it has fewer extra features than Sunrise, it is more minimalist in design, and it allows the events you create to take center stage. Its only drawback is that it's a little pricey: $4.99 on the iPhone and $29.99 for the Mac.

So, if you find your class schedule overwhelming or you keep double-booking social events, don't sweat it. Check out these apps. Play with them to find out which one works best for organizing your uniquely busy life.

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