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Why Buy Used Textbooks? 4 Reasons to Choose Used

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Used textbooks have value beyond saving you cash.

Used textbooks have value beyond saving you cash.

The average college student spends $655 per year on textbooks. Now, you don’t need us to tell you that $655 is a lot of dough, especially when you factor in all the unavoidable expenses of student life. Buying textbooks at full price can blow a big hole in your budget.

At, we work hard to provide college students a little reprieve from money-related stress by stocking the most high-quality used textbooks at the very best prices. After all, when you save on textbooks, you keep more cash for other essentials.

Here are four reasons why there’s a lot of value in buying used textbooks:

1. They save you money.

This is the big one. Used textbooks are significantly cheaper than their new counterparts. On, buying used textbooks means saving up to 90%. Plus, we offer FREE shipping on orders over $25 – another easy way to save.

2. You can sell them back.

In addition to buying used textbooks from, you can sell them back to us for the best buyback price. We’re all about buying back used textbooks because then we can make them available to more students at super-affordable prices. Also, when you buy a used textbook in our Guaranteed Cash Back program, you’ll get 50% back when you sell it back at the end of the semester. Bonus!

3. They’re in good condition — and we can guarantee it.

Some students are reluctant to buy used textbooks because the condition can vary drastically: from good as new to so riddled with notes and highlighting that it’s almost unusable. That’s why we hand inspect each and every one of our used textbooks to ensure “good condition”. Sure, it’s an extra step, but we’re proud to guarantee that your used textbook, while perhaps comfortably worn or casually notated, is legible, clean, and all in one piece.

4. They’re part of a shared experience.

The way we see it, the value of used textbooks is more than just saving you money during college. They represent an idea that’s meaningful to students and lifelong learners: that knowledge should be preserved, cared for, and shared with others. Though it intersects briefly with your college experience, a used textbook doesn’t begin and end with you – someone used it before you and someone after you will use it, too. By using the same books as other students, your share an essential college experience.

Used textbooks save you money, score you some cash back at the end of the semester, and, despite a little wear and tear, will always get the job done right. Plus, when you choose to buy a used textbook, learn from it, and sell it back to, you leave your print upon its pages. It’ll join someone else on their college journey, taking a little of you with it.

When you see the true value of used textbooks, the choice is clear — shop used.

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