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Why I Love College: A Recent Grad's Perspective

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College campus

College was easily the most intense, rigorous and enjoyable thing I've had the pleasure of experiencing, and it was also not truly appreciated until after I graduated last year. College combined the independence of thought with the freedom of choice that I simply had not experienced until then. I also absolutely loved being thrust into new intellectual territories, and constantly being challenged by professors and students alike.

As a humanities major, I found myself in constant need of texts and essays from all ages, and nothing made this easier than being able to access said documents online via my universities library databases, or downloading them from online sources to my e-reader. Professors were using tablets, mp3s, internet access and webcams, and the students were more than pleased to see everyday items used for class.

However, it wasn't all work, and my social life was just as important to me. Colleges these days are adapting easier to students' needs, and it has never been easier to start extra-curricular activities catering to one's interests. Because of the ease of finding like-minded people, it was simple to find parties, to relax with friends, or to stay in alone.

Those with the best experience will be those who dive in headfirst, there are more options than there ever were, professionally and socially, and colleges are starting to use these options on all fronts. You will learn about the world, about yourself, and will challenge and be challenged. Ultimately, you will have an experience you will never forget and perhaps one day look back and say, 'This is why I love college..." too.

- Samuel B. (Ashland University, Class of '11)