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Why Smart Students Take Care of Their Textbooks

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If you're a college student, you probably own a textbook. And once you buy a textbook, it's yours, right? So you can do with it what you want. But whether you plan on adding that textbook to your library or just want to get the biggest bang for your buck when you sell it back, you should show it some love – and here are 3 very good reasons why:

1. Textbooks are made of paper. So is money. Coincidence?

Did you know you're sitting on a goldmine? Whether you're literally using a stack of books as a desk chair or just hoarding them in your dorm, selling used textbooks could fund your next story-worthy Saturday night. will happily buy back your used books for the most cash: in the end, we try to make them cost less.

2. When you pay it forward, you get paid back.

Students snatch up used textbooks first, so there is a limited supply. It's all of our responsibility to take care of books already printed, which keeps costs down for all students and reduces the need to print more. Roughing up a textbook cuts its sweet, sweet time in the world woefully short, and means other students will need to buy that book new the next time around.

3. The Golden Rule works... but only when we all follow it.

Treat your textbooks with love because you know you'll want any future used books you buy to be in good shape. Not even the most frugal student wants to drop cash on a textbook reeking of the Axe effect, its pages smeared with fluorescent snack food. Keeping your textbooks in good condition gets you cash back and gives the next student her turn – win-win. And if you added notes to the margins, whiz kid, all the better!

In short, lots of good stuff comes from showing love to your used textbooks.

You'll have great-condition reference materials for your pro bookshelf if you decide to keep them – and if you choose to sell them to, you're guaranteed the MOST cash back for helping another hard-working student save cash.