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Why You Should Try Out an Unusual College Club

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The Herpetology Club is an unusual college club at my school. Try one at yours!

The Herpetology Club is an unusual college club at my school. Try one at yours!

In high school, I knew which clubs I loved, and which ones didn't appeal to me. Going into college, I already had a pretty clear sense of what type of activities I enjoyed doing. I expected that I would pretty much join the same clubs in college that I enjoyed in high school, like drama club or the literary magazine.

I was surprised, however, when I went to some of the college club fairs and saw that there were so many clubs I wouldn't even have dreamed existed. And really, what better time to try something new than when you start college?

Most schools have all the usual clubs, such as a newspaper, drama club, and student government, but there are a lot of surprising clubs out there, too. I've even heard of some schools having a Quidditch club.

One of the most unusual clubs at my school is the Herpetology club, which is made up of people who love reptiles. That might seem strange to you, but for the environmental science and biology majors, being part of a group that is passionate about the biodiversity in their own backyard makes sense. If you're at all interested in reptiles or other animals, joining a club like this is a great way to meet new people and learn something new.

We also have a ski and snowboard club, even though my college isn't anywhere near a mountain. They offer trips to the nearest ski slope for really cheap prices, though. They even offer price packages that include rentals and lessons, so if you're new to the skiing scene, like I was before I joined, you won't be left behind.

One of the newest clubs we have on campus is Random Jam. In this college club, musicians can get together and jam with all sorts of instruments in all kinds of musical styles. They actually rehearse and put on a couple performances during the semester.

The greatest thing about the clubs in college is that if there isn't one that speaks to your interests, you can create one! All you need is the paperwork, a couple interested friends and a faculty adviser. After that, you can decide what your club does and how they do it. It's a real gold star on your résumé and you get strong leadership experience.

So next time there's a club fair at your school, make sure you check it out. You might be surprised by what your school has to offer, and which clubs you might really enjoy. And if you don't love what's offered, take the initiative and make your own club. It'll be fun and will really pay off.

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