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21 Debated Issues in American Politics

21 Debated Issues in American Politics - 2nd edition

21 Debated Issues in American Politics - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780131841789

ISBN10: 0131841785

21 Debated Issues in American Politics by Gregory Scott and Loren Gatch - ISBN 9780131841789
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 2ND 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
International: No
21 Debated Issues in American Politics by Gregory Scott and Loren Gatch - ISBN 9780131841789

ISBN13: 9780131841789

ISBN10: 0131841785

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 2ND 04

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For introductory courses in American Politics and Government, and for courses in Current Issues and Topics in American Politics.

Organized to correspond to most American government books and designed to provide instructors with a plethora of discussion topics, this text features 42 recent, pro/con articles on 21 of the most controversial issues in American Politics. Complete with headnotes and discussion questions, the text spurs students to debate issues in class or through research.


  • NEW-Updated with today's most controversial topics--Military trials, lotteries for education, and problems reaised by the war in Iraq.
    • Offers instructors the convenience of compatibility with standard core texts, and encourages students to debate today's issues and spurs them on to do further research.
  • NEW-Updates on more than half the entries found in the text.
    • Offers students cutting edge vantage points on important current issues.
  • Twenty-one of the most controversial and important issues facing America today.
    • Provides students with well-written, insightful presentations that will help them develop informed opinions and address thought-provoking questions.
  • Articles from across the spectrum--e.g., From popular journals such as Atlantic Monthly and Forbes to more scholarly ones like Brookings Review and PS.
    • Gives students a balance of high interest and academic articles to keep their interest.
  • Pro/con format.
    • Shows students that there is more than one side to any political issue.
  • Headnotes for each article.
    • Provides students with context information for the issue and focuses their attention on key points.
  • Discussion questions for each article.
    • Challenges students to think critically about each issue and helps guide classroom discussion.
  • Lists of additional reading sources.
    • Provides students with convenient leads for more in-depth study on the issues.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Issue 1: The Constitution.

The Senate and the Constitution, Senator Robert Byrd. Stop the Celebration: The Case against the Fourth of July, Sebastian Mallaby, New Republic.

Issue 2: Problems for Democracy.

Authorizing Military Tribunals, Representatives Kucinich and Lofgren. Ignoring the Constitution, Representative Frank.


Issue 3: Abortion.

Preachers of Hate, The Progressive. Dead Reckoning, National Review.

Issue 4: Gun Control.

Don't Withhold Treatment on This Epidemic, Kevin Clarke, US Catholic. Extending Brady Background Checks Opposed, Thomas Cole, JAMA.

Issue 5: Civil Rights.

Opinion: Boy Scouts of America v. Dale, Justice Rehnquist. Dissents: Boy Scouts of America v. Dale, Stevens & Souter.

Issue 6: Sexual Harassment.

Opinion: Burlington Industries v. Ellerth, Anthony Kennedy. Dissent: Burlington Industries v. Ellerth, Clarence Thomas.


Issue 7: Ideology.

Conservatism FAQs, Jim Kalb, Why I Am a Liberal, John F. Kennedy.

Issue 8: Political Parties.

Opinion: California Democratic Party v. Jones, Justice Scalia. Dissent: California Democratic Party v. Jones, Justice Stevens.

Issue 9: Campaigns and Elections.

A Constitutional Amendment for Direct Election, Reps. Delahunt and Durbin. Reaffirming the Electoral College, Resolution No. 651.

Issue 10: News Media.

Goldberg Exposes a Vindictive, Biased Media, Brent Bozell. On the Bias, Geoffrey Nunberg.


Issue 11: Congress.

Reforming the House: Three Moderately Radical Proposals, Arend Lijphart, PS. If It Ain't Broke Bad, Don't Fix It a Lot, C. Lawrence Evans and Walter J. Oleszek, PS.

Issue 12: The Presidency.

The Need to De-Mystify the Presidency, Fred Branfman. On His High Horse, The Economist.

Issue 13: The Judiciary.

The Federalist Society: Setting the Record Straight, Senator Hatch. The Court's Assault on Legislative Power, Senator Leahy.


Issue 14: Economic Policy: Flat Tax?

After Years of Abuse, Americans Deserve a Flat Tax Break Today, Representative Richard K. Armey. Simple, Efficient, Fair, Or Is It?, William G. Gale, Brookings Review.

Issue 15: Economic Policy.

The Republican Economic Plan, Republic National Committee. The Democratic Economic Plan, Democratic Nation Committee.

Issue 16: Environmental Policy.

White House Statement on the Environment. The Bush Environmental Record, Corzine Brown Hastings.

Issue 17: Social Policy: Welfare.

Surprise! Welfare Reform Is Working, William H. Miller, Industry Week. Welfare Profiteers, Ruth Conniff, Progressive.

Issue 18: Social Policy: Bilingual Education.

The Case Against Bilingual Education, Rosalie Pedalino Porter, Atlantic Monthly. Let's Not Say Adios to Bilingual Education, Lourdes Rovira, US Catholic.

Issue 19: Education Policy.

Benefits to Education of the New Jersey Lottery, New Jersey Lottery Commission. The Harmful Effects of Gambling, Representative Wolf.

Issue 20: Health Policy.

The Economic Benefits of the Tobacco Industry, Representative Davis. The Harmful Effects of Smoking, Representative Udall.

Issue 21: Foreign Policy.

Joint Resolution for a Preemptive Strike, Sens. Specter & Harken. Joint Resolution Against Preemptive Action, Rep. Lee.

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