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21st Century Ethical Toolbox

21st Century Ethical Toolbox - 3rd edition

21st Century Ethical Toolbox - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 9780199758814

ISBN10: 0199758816

21st Century Ethical Toolbox by NA - ISBN 9780199758814
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 3RD 13
Copyright: 2013
Publisher: Oxford University Press
International: No
21st Century Ethical Toolbox by NA - ISBN 9780199758814

ISBN13: 9780199758814

ISBN10: 0199758816

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 3RD 13
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Thoroughly optimistic,A 21st Century Ethical Toolbox,Third Edition, invites students to approach ethical issues with a reconstructive intent--to make room for more and better options than the rigid ''pro'' and ''con'' positions that have developed around tough problems like abortion and environmental ethics. Employing an accessible, consistently engaging writing style, Anthony Weston covers the skills that are vital to making real progress in ethics, including critical thinking, creative problem-solving, moral vision, genuine dialogue, and many more. Provocative selections from a wide range of philosophers, essayists, community activists, and students are interwoven with Weston's own discussions. The text is enhanced by extensive ''Exercises and Notes'' sections at the end of each chapter, new ''Using Your Tools'' sections after every two chapters, and a detailed guide for teachers as an appendix. Join instructors and students around the country who are using the experiential and applied activities inspired by this ''toolbox'' of skills to design interactive and collaborative ethics courses.


* Nine new, extended exercises--''Using Your Tools''--integrate themes across multiple chapters and carry them farther into practice

* A brand-new final chapter looks at the future of ethics, including a reading on intergenerational ethics and green design

* A revised Part IV serves as a survey of various practical challenges in ethics

* A more streamlined organization allows instructors to move more quickly into Part II: Moral Values

* Updated readings, references, and sources throughout