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ALWD Citation Manual

ALWD Citation Manual - 3rd edition

ALWD Citation Manual - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 9780735555716

ISBN10: 0735555710

ALWD Citation Manual by Darby Dickerson - ISBN 9780735555716
Cover type: Spiral
Edition: 3RD 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Aspen Law
International: No
ALWD Citation Manual by Darby Dickerson - ISBN 9780735555716

ISBN13: 9780735555716

ISBN10: 0735555710

Cover type: Spiral
Edition: 3RD 05
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In its Third Edition, the new standard guide to legal citation continues to present a single, consistent system of citation for all forms of legal writing in a clear, attractive, and easy-to-use format.

This phenomenally popular reference rivals The Bluebook because it:

  • is written, designed, and edited by professionals: Darby Dickerson, a leading authority on American legal citation, and the Association of Legal Writing Directors
  • simplifies and clarifies citation by using one consistent and logical system for any type of legal document
  • makes information extremely accessible, with an easy-to-navigate organization, subheadings, two-color design to flag key points, numerous examples, "Fast Formats" for double-checking citations, Sidebars with tips on avoiding common problems, and diagrams and charts to make information available at a glance
  • presents complete coverage of citation basics, citation for primary and secondary sources, citation of electronic sources, and incorporating citations into documents, as well as how to properly quote material and edit quotes
  • offers eight helpful appendices, including local court citation formats, commonly used abbreviations, federal tax citation guidelines, and an example of a legal memorandum that demonstrates the proper integration of citations
  • includes a website for updates and additional appendices
  • facilitates instruction with a thorough Teacher's Manual and PowerPoint CD containing class suggestions, exercises, and helpful ALWD-Bluebook conversion charts

Be sure to notice the new material in the Third Edition:

  • new Rule 7.2 provides guidance on citing both page numbers and footnote or endnote numbers; new Rule 7.3 clarifies citing footnotes and endnotes when using the id. short citation
  • new Rule 8.4 addresses citing material that appears on multiple supplements
  • revised Rule 19 includes additional information on citing Code of Federal Regulations sections appearing in electronic databases and a new rule (19.13) on citing patents
  • Rule 21 has been expanded to include rudimentary information about citing basic international, foreign, and intergovernmental sources
  • new Rule 37.3 explains how to cite unpublished working papers, including material that appears on SSRN.
  • new rule 40.3 explains how to cite weblogs
  • updated examples are provided throughout the text
  • All appendices now appear in the book
  • all appendices now included in the book

If you are not already planning to use The ALWD Citation Manual in your next course, examine the new edition of this revolutionary reference and be prepared to change your mind.