Abbie Hoffman : American Rebel 92 edition (9780813520179) -
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Abbie Hoffman : American Rebel

Abbie Hoffman : American Rebel - 92 edition

Abbie Hoffman : American Rebel - 92 edition

ISBN13: 9780813520179

ISBN10: 0813520177

Abbie Hoffman : American Rebel by Marty Jezer - ISBN 9780813520179
Cover type: Print On Demand
Edition: 92
Copyright: 1992
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
International: No
Abbie Hoffman : American Rebel by Marty Jezer - ISBN 9780813520179

ISBN13: 9780813520179

ISBN10: 0813520177

Cover type: Print On Demand
Edition: 92
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Abbie Hoffman is a symbol of the activist sixties. He was there at the beginning, at the protests against the House Committee on Un-American Activities in San Francisco and as an organizer for the southern civil rights movement. His life fused the radicalism of rebellious hippie youth, the anti-Vietnam War protest movement, and the political agenda of the American Left. Although the revolution that he anticipated proved an illusion in the end, his ideas and ideals changed the course of American history.

Abbie Hoffman was more than a ''sixties radical.'' He was one of the most inventive community organizers in American history; his insights into effective political activism hold lessons for activists today. Hoffman was also the quintessential showman, the star and creator of an explosively funny, subversive, and revelatory theater of the street, and the first political theorist to use television advertising techniques to create news. Whether publicizing injustice, promoting hedonism, protesting war, or fighting to save the environment, no one could raise a stink and grab a headline as spectacularly as Abbie Hoffman.

This authoritative biography, written by a comrade of his from the late 1960s, places Hoffman in the social, cultural, and political milieu in which he lived and worked. Marty Jezer focuses on the ideas that informed his politics and describes what happened to the Left and to America when Hoffman put his ideas into action. Jezer admires Hoffman's courage, creativity, and idealism, but is critical of his refusal to set limits on his personal and political life.

Abbie Hoffman: American Rebel reveals a warm, generous, and exciting personality whose private and public lives were often one, whose impact is still apparent, whose life touched and in this book will continue to touch people devoted to justice and progressive change.

Author Bio

Jezer, Marty :

Marty Jezer is the author of The Dark Ages: Life in the United States, 1945-1960, Home Comfort: Life on Total Loss Farm, Rachel Carson: Biologist and Author, and other books and articles.