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About Criminals : A View of the Offender's World

About Criminals : A View of the Offender's World - 04 edition

About Criminals : A View of the Offender's World - 04 edition

ISBN13: 9780761928164

ISBN10: 0761928162

About Criminals : A View of the Offender
Edition: 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc.
International: No
About Criminals : A View of the Offender

ISBN13: 9780761928164

ISBN10: 0761928162

Edition: 04

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Criminals are versatile - most do not specialize in a particular type of criminal activity, but rather participate in a variety of offenses. A reason being, many criminals do not plan their crimes, instead they are opportunistic by nature. Needless to say, understanding precisely why criminals behave the way they do has not been easy.

About Criminals: A View of the Offenders' World is a collection of readings that presents recent and important research on criminal behavior. The book takes a "naturalistic" approach, allowing criminals to discuss their offenses and lifestyles from their own perspective. This method gives criminals the opportunity to disclose details of their offending behavior and reasons for their participation in crime. About Criminals offers a first-hand examination of offenders' motivations, descriptions of how they operate, their thoughts about victims, and descriptive analysis about their sometimes deviant lifestyles.

The readings in About Criminals feature field study research on property crimes, violent crimes, sex crimes, white-collar crimes, gangs and crime, drugs and crime, gender and crime, and a final section on desistance from crime. Editor Mark Pogrebin provides an introduction to each category of crime and a description of each article's content to help readers become familiar with the method each researcher used to conduct the study. The use of field studies allows readers to gain an in-depth understanding of how criminological theories of crime causation actually relate to real-world examples of criminal behavior.

About Criminals is designed as a supplemental anthology for a variety of undergraduate courses such as introductory criminology, criminal behavior, criminological theory, and sociology of deviance. The book can also be used in qualitative methods courses in criminology and criminal justice programs or courses in forensic psychology.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part I. Property Crimes

1. Searching a Dwelling: Deterrence and the Undeterred Burglar
2. Who Buys Stolen Property?
3. Sneaky Thrills
4. Urban Graffiti: Crime, Control, and Resistance

Part II. Violent Crimes

5. Convicted Murders' Accounts of Their Crimes: A Case Study of Homicide in Small Communities
6. Motives of Reward Among Men Who Rape
7. Stick-Up, Street Culture, and Offender Motivation
8. Dubs and Dees, Beats and Rims: Carjackers and Urban Violence

Part III. Sex Crimes

9. The Second Step in Double Jeopardy: Appropriating the Labor of Female Hustlers
10. Accounts of Professional Misdeeds: The Sexual Exploitation of Clients by Psychotherapists
11. Sex Offender Community Notification: Managing High Risk Criminal or Exacting Further Vengeance?
12. Aural Assault: Obscene Phone Calls

Part IV. White Collar - Occupational Crime

13. Drugged Druggists: The Convergence of Two Criminal Career Trajectories
14. Doctors Tell Their Stories. Prescription for Profit: How Doctors Defraud Medicaid
15. Managing the Action: Sport Book-Makers as Entrepreneurs
16. Denying the Guilty Mind: Accounting for Involvement in White Collar Crime

Part V. Gangs and Crime

17. Collective and Normative Features of Gang Violence
18. Homeboys, Dope Fiends, Legits and New Jacks
19. The Perception of Gangs as a Problem in Nonmetropolitan Areas
20. Gender and Victimization: Risk Taking Among Women in Gangs

Part VI. Drugs and Crime

21. Narcotics Addicts' Hustling Strategies: Creation and Manipulation of Ambiguity
22. Crack Dealing on the Street: The Crew System and the Crack House
23. Perceived Risks and Criminal Justice Pressures on Middle-Class Cocaine Dealers
24. Women in the Street-Level Drug Economy: Continuity or Change?

Part VII. Gender and Crime

25. Women Who Kill in Drug Market Situations
26. Up It Up: Gender and the Accomplishment of Street Robbery
27. A Successful Female Crack Dealer: A Case Study of a Deviant Career
28. Citizens and Outlaws: The Private lives and Public Lifestyles of Women in the Illicit Drug Economy

Part VIII. Desistance from Crime

29. The Post Phase of Deviant Careers: Reintegrating Drug Traffickers
30. Getting Out of the Life: Crime Desistance by Female Street Offenders
31. Becoming Normal: Certification as a Stage in Exiting From Crime

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About Criminals by Mark R. Pogrebin - ISBN 9781412999441