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Absolute C++ CodeMate Enhanced Edition / With CD

Absolute C++ CodeMate Enhanced Edition / With CD - 02 edition

Absolute C++ CodeMate Enhanced Edition / With CD - 02 edition

ISBN13: 9780321197245

ISBN10: 0321197240

Absolute C++ CodeMate Enhanced Edition / With CD by Walter Savitch - ISBN 9780321197245
Edition: 02
Copyright: 2002
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Longman, Inc.
International: No
Absolute C++ CodeMate Enhanced Edition / With CD by Walter Savitch - ISBN 9780321197245

ISBN13: 9780321197245

ISBN10: 0321197240

Edition: 02

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Absolute C++, offers complete coverage of the C++ programming language. It provides all the tools necessary for experienced and novice programmers to master C++, including: thorough coverage of the Standard Template Library; complete and fully executable code throughout; sections highlighting programming tips and common pitfalls; and a logical order of coverage of C++ topics in order for students to better understand the language. This book is appropriate for introductory courses covering the C++ language, intermediate programming courses introducing C++ to students familiar with another language and will act as a total reference beyond a student's coursework.

This book also comes with Addison-Wesley's CodeMate. This online program competency builder transforms a student's reading experience into a dynamic programming environment with a click of a mouse. CodeMate allows students to view, compile, run, and edit programming problems directly from the textbook without installing a compiler.


  • Language features are presented in context of complete working C++ programs.
  • Complete (language focused) introduction to the C++ language.
  • Contains extensive coverage of the STL.
  • Pedagogical use of full-color presentation to aid in students learning of code structure.
  • Introduces modern programming topics such as UML (Unified Modeling Language) and Patterns.
  • Contains extensive pedagogy including:
    • Pitfalls
    • Programming tips
    • Self-test exercises with answers
  • Contains CD-ROM with instructor and student resources.
  • Author Walt Savitch has been widely acclaimed for his clear, concise and engaging writing style.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. C++ Basics.

Introduction to C++.
Variables, Expressions, and Assignment Statements.
Console Input/Output.
Program Style.
Libraries and Namespaces.

2. Flow of Control.

Boolean Expressions.
Branching Mechanism.

3. Function Basics.

Predefined Functions.
Programmer-Defined Functions.
Scope Rules.

4. Parameters and Overloading.

Overloading and Default Arguments.
Testing and Debugging Functions.

5. Arrays.

Introduction to Arrays.
Arrays in Functions.
Programming with Arrays.
Multidimensional Arrays.

6. Structures and Classes.


7. Constructors and Other Tools.

More Tools.
Vectors-A Preview of the Standard Template Library.

8. Operator Overloading, Friends, and References.

Basic Operator Overloading.
Friend Functions and Automatic Type Conversion.
References and More Overloaded Operators.

9. Strings.

An Array Type for Strings.
Character Manipulation Tools.
The Standard Class string.

10. Pointers and Dynamic Arrays.

Dynamic Arrays.
Classes, Pointers, and Dynamic Arrays.

11. Separate Compilation and Namespaces.

Separate Compilation.

12. Streams and File I/O.

I/O Streams.
Tools for Stream.
Stream Hierarchies: A Preview of Inheritance.

13. Recursion.

Recursive Void Functions.
Recursive Functions that Return a Value.
Thinking Recursively.

14. Inheritance.

Inheritance Basics.
Programming with Inheritance.

15. Polymorphism and Virtual Functions.

Virtual Function Basics.
Pointers and Virtual Functions.

16. Templates.

Function Templates.
Class Templates.
Templates and Inheritance.

17. Linked Data Structures.

Nodes and Linked Lists.
Linked List Applications.

18. Exception Handling.

Exception Handling Basics.
Programming Techniques for Exception Handling.

19. Standard Template Library.

Generic Algorithms.

20. Patterns and UML.


Appendix 1: C++ Keywords.
Appendix 2: Precedence of Operators.
Appendix 3: The ASCII Character Set.
Appendix 4: Some Library Functions.
Appendix 5: Old and New Header Files.
Further Reading.

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Absolute C++ by Walter Savitch - ISBN 9780321359988