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Academic Word Power 1

Academic Word Power 1 - 04 edition

Academic Word Power 1 - 04 edition

ISBN13: 9780618397686

ISBN10: 061839768X

Academic Word Power 1 by Lisa Hollinger and Donna Obenda - ISBN 9780618397686
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
International: No
Academic Word Power 1 by Lisa Hollinger and Donna Obenda - ISBN 9780618397686

ISBN13: 9780618397686

ISBN10: 061839768X

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 04
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Academic Word Power helps students master the 560 most common words used in academic texts, as chosen from the respected Academic Word List. When students add this vocabulary to what they learn in a beginning ESL course, they will be able to comprehend 90% of the terms in texts across disciplines. Focusing on the most common words motivates students and allows instructors to take the guesswork out of choosing and researching vocabulary, allowing more time to teach. Rather than refer specifically to ESL students, the texts appeal to both native and non-native speakers and can be used ESL, Developmental English, and high school English programs.

The sequence of texts takes into consideration frequency of words, level of difficulty, and thematic relationships, allowing intermediate through high-advanced students to learn vocabulary gradually. Each volume contains 7 units of 20 words, which are divided into four lessons of five words. Every lesson begins with an author-generated reading that includes all the focus words included in that lesson to help students learn terms in context.

  • The variety of exercises, activities, and vocabulary strategies prepare students for success in future academic reading.
  • Interactive speaking activities appeal to students by developing a link between the focus word and their experience and knowledge, increasing retention.
  • Exercises focusing on word families help students decipher new terms and build spelling proficiency

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Unit 1

Lesson 1. Reading: Crime Fighters. Word Families: community, participation, factor, cultural, response
Lesson 2. Reading: Earthquake Insurance. Word Families: environment, physical, normally, occur, minor
Lesson 3. Reading: The Smithsonian's New Kitchen. Word Families: available, benefit, identity, method, assistance
Lesson 4. Reading: What's the Difference? Word Families: final, conclusion, similar, definition, area
Review: Crossword Puzzle

Unit 2

Lesson 1. Reading: Save Your Dictionary. Word Families: achieve, affect, approach, chapter, context
Lesson 2. Reading: Denmark's Elves. Word Families: create, emphasis, evaluation, individual, injury
Lesson 3. Reading: A Realistic Look at Marriage. Word Families: involve, major, partnership, percent, process
Lesson 4. Reading: Will She Wear White? Word Families: require, section, task, traditional, variable
Review: Associations

Unit 3

Lesson 1. Reading: Credit Card Danger. Word Families: consumer, positive, appropriate, credit, focus
Lesson 2. Reading: Tatoo Trouble. Word Families: survey, design, select, data, text
Lesson 3. Reading: Save Your Computer! Word Families: security, technology, interaction, maintenance, evidence
Lesson 4. Reading: Shop 'Til You Drop. Word Families: concept, element, policy, region, significant
Review: Find-a-Word

Unit 4

Lesson 1. Reading: Who Is in the White House? Word Families: administration, authority, consistent, indicate, previous
Lesson 2. Reading: Beauty at What Cost? Word Families: feature, item, economic, distinction, reliance
Lesson 3. Reading: People vs. Animals. Word Families: research, resource, specific, legal, complex
Lesson 4. Reading: Greenhouse Effect? Word Families: computer, structure, remove, interpretation, principle
Review: Scrambled Sentences

Unit 5

Lesson 1. Reading: School Uniforms. Word Families: purchase, strategy, impact, financial, estimate
Lesson 2. Reading: Washing D.C.: Old and New. Word Families: regulation, aspect, institute, resident, legislation
Lesson 3. Reading: Why the Pain? Word Families: obtain, analysis, function, transfer, distribution
Lesson 4. Reading: From Bean to Chocolate. Word Families: category, contract, export, primary, period
Review: Sentence Halves

Unit 6

Lesson 1. Reading: Drug Abuse: Problems and Solutions. Word Families: perceive, commission, income, potential, role
Lesson 2. Reading: The Next Armani. Word Families: establish, journal, negative, range, theory
Lesson 3. Reading: Michael Jordan's Steakhouse. Word Families: location, sought, relevant, maximum, equation
Lesson 4. Reading: Work for the Government. Word Families: assessment, sector, reaction, labor, construction
Review: Associations

Unit 7

Lesson 1. Reading: Taking a Deep Breath. Word Families: excluded, conduct, technique, initial, site
Lesson 2. Reading: Play Fair with Stocks. Word Families: investment, fund, document, consequence, restrict
Lesson 3. Reading: Burning Fat with Aerobics. Word Families: layer, link, philosophy, register, comment
Lesson 4. Reading: Find It on Ebay. Word Families: acquisition, core, sequence, formula, issue
Review: Matching Definitions

A. Academic Word List Index
B. Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes