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Academic Word Power 4

Academic Word Power 4 - 04 edition

Academic Word Power 4 - 04 edition

ISBN13: 9780618397747

ISBN10: 0618397744

Academic Word Power 4 by Barbara Jones and Donna Obenda - ISBN 9780618397747
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
International: No
Academic Word Power 4 by Barbara Jones and Donna Obenda - ISBN 9780618397747

ISBN13: 9780618397747

ISBN10: 0618397744

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 04

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Academic Word Power helps students master the 560 most common words used in academic texts, as chosen from the respected Academic Word List. When students add this vocabulary to what they learn in a beginning ESL course, they will be able to comprehend 90% of the terms in texts across disciplines. Focusing on the most common words motivates students and allows instructors to take the guesswork out of choosing and researching vocabulary, allowing more time to teach. Rather than refer specifically to ESL students, the texts appeal to both native and non-native speakers and can be used ESL, Developmental English, and high school English programs.

The sequence of texts takes into consideration frequency of words, level of difficulty, and thematic relationships, allowing intermediate through high-advanced students to learn vocabulary gradually. Each volume contains 7 units of 20 words, which are divided into four lessons of five words. Every lesson begins with an author-generated reading that includes all the focus words included in that lesson to help students learn terms in context.

  • The variety of exercises, activities, and vocabulary strategies prepare students for success in future academic reading.
  • Interactive speaking activities appeal to students by developing a link between the focus word and their experience and knowledge, increasing retention.
  • Exercises focusing on word families help students decipher new terms and build spelling proficiency

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Unit 1

Lesson 1. Reading: A Great Opportunity. Word Families: colleague, conversely, ministry, overseas, bond
Lesson 2. Reading: Vocabulary Tips. Word Families: file, relax, tape, enable, index
Lesson 3. Reading: Sharing Resources. Word Families: technical, visual, accumulation, hence, channel
Lesson 4. Reading: New Car Phones. Word Families: component, paradigm, anticipate, whereas, conference
Review: Crossword Puzzle

Unit 2

Lesson 1. Reading: Safety First. Word Families: chemical, assembly, mechanism, entity, likewise
Lesson 2. Reading: Plagiarism Doesn't Pay. Word Families: contrary, grade, code, integrity, panel
Lesson 3. Reading: Climbing the Corporate Ladder. Word Families: corporate, attain, sphere, team, plus
Lesson 4. Reading: National Strength. Word Families: federal, denote, regime, duration, implication
Review: Context

Unit 3

Lesson 1. Reading: Time for Beethoven. Word Families: appendix, bulk, classical, contact, facilitate
Lesson 2. Reading: Money Management. Word Families: compound, diminish, mature, medium, portion
Lesson 3. Reading: An Ounce of Prevention. Word Families: arbitrary, insights, ongoing, reluctant, temporary
Lesson 4. Reading: Mistakes in the New World. Word Families: chart, encounter, ethical, expansion, found
Review: Word Scramble

Unit 4

Lesson 1. Reading: Earth Friendly Farming. Word Families: adjacent, cease, convince, erode, manual
Lesson 2. Reading: women's Roles. Word Families: analogous, inherent, revolution, rigid, undergo
Lesson 3. Reading: Acceptance of New Technology. Word Families: coincide, deviation, format, norm, preliminary
Lesson 4. Reading: Economic Crisis. Word Families: currency, enormous, nonetheless, overlap, supplementary
Review: Associations

Unit 5

Lesson 1. Reading: Army Aggravation. Word Families: incompatible, induce, military, odds, subordinate
Lesson 2. Reading: Declare or Beware! Word Families: commence, compile, device, forthcoming, levy
Lesson 3. Reading: Thinking Outside the Box. Word Families: posed, refine, so-called, unify, vision
Lesson 4. Reading: A Helping Hand. Word Families: accommodation, behalf, displacement, inevitably, passive
Review: Associations

Unit 6

Lesson 1. Reading: Protecting Patients' Rights. Word Families: coherence, confine, depression, exploitation, persistent
Lesson 2. Reading: Nuclear Power: Opposing Sides. Word Families: assurance, collapse, devote, infrastructure, nuclear
Lesson 3. Reading: A Marketing Strategy. Word Families: commodity, intrinsic, invoke, minimal, qualitative
Lesson 4. Reading: Following the Law. Word Families: procedure, restraint, specify, straightforward, violation
Review: Matching Definitions

Unit 7

Lesson 1. Reading: Transportation Troubles. Word Families: concurrent, conceive, implicit, mutual, notwithstanding
Lesson 2. Reading: Small Claims Court. Word Families: controversy, distort, mediate, suspend, trigger
Lesson 3. Reading: Character Development. Word Families: complement, integral, offset, scenario, whereby
Lesson 4. Reading: Doctor's Orders. Word Families: albeit, inclination, practitioner, protocol, route
Review: Crossword Puzzle