ActivPhysics 2 Workbook - With CD 99 edition (9780201361117) -
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ActivPhysics 2 Workbook - With CD

ActivPhysics 2 Workbook - With CD - 99 edition

ActivPhysics 2 Workbook - With CD - 99 edition

ISBN13: 9780201361117

ISBN10: 0201361116

ActivPhysics 2 Workbook - With CD by Alan Van Heuvelen and Paul D
Edition: 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Longman, Inc.
International: No
ActivPhysics 2 Workbook - With CD by Alan Van Heuvelen and Paul D

ISBN13: 9780201361117

ISBN10: 0201361116

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Like ActivPhysicsTM 1, this CD-ROM and accompanying workbook utilize visualization, simulation, and multiple representation to help involve students in any introductory physics course. Topics include electricity and magnetism, optics, and modern physics. Instructors can customize lecture notes and classroom demonstrations using ActivPhysicsTM 2 through an included electronic notebook. Users with access to the World Wide Web can link directly to the Internet and connect to external Web resources. The CD-ROM is cross-platform, for Windows and Macintosh.

  • Based on Alan Van Heuvelen's proven active learning approach, the CD-ROM helps students visualize underlying physical processes, develop intuition, confront misconceptions, reason qualitatively about physical processes, and learn to use concepts to solve problems.
  • An on-line Guidebook assists students as they work through the program.
  • ActivPhysicsTM 2 can be used for self study, for lab activities, and for lecture demonstrations. The CD-ROM can be used alone or with the recommended ActivPhysicsTM 2 workbook.
  • Instructors can customize ActivPhysicsTM 2 through a built-in word processing and hyperlinking tool, ActivPad.

ActivPhysicsTM 1 covers: Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Waves

ActivPhysicsTM 2 covers: Electricity and Magnetism, Optics, Modern Physics

Author Bio

Van Heuvelen, Alan : Ohio State University

D'Alessandris, Paul : Monroe Community College

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

ActivPhysicsTM 2

1. Electricity

Electric Force: CoulombOs Law
Electric Force: Superposition Principle
Electric Force: Superposition (Quantitative)
Electric Force: Point Charge
Electric Force: Due to a Dipole
Electric Force: Problems
Motion of a Charge in an Electric Field: Introduction
Motion in an Electric Field: Problems
Electric Flux
GaussOs Law
Electric Potential: Qualitative Introduction
Electric Potential, Field, and Force
Electrical Potential Energy and Potential

2. DC Circuits

DC Series Circuits
DC Parallel Circuits
DC Circuit Puzzles
Using Ammeters and Voltmeters
Using KirchoffOs Laws
Series and Parallel Capacitors
RC Circuits

3. AC Circuits

Driven Oscillator
RL Circuit
RLC Oscillator

4. Magnetism

Electromagnetic Induction
Magnetic Field of a Loop
Magnetic Field of a Solenoid
Magnetic Field of a Wire
Magnetic Force of a Charge
Magnetic Force on a Wire
Magnetic Torque on a Loop
Mass Spectrometer
Motional EMF
Velocity Selector

5. Geometric Optics

Refraction and Reflection
Reflection and Refraction Applications
Plane Mirrors
Spherical Mirrors
Spherical Mirror -- Equation 1
Spherical Mirror -- Linear
Spherical Mirror -- Problems
Thin Lens Ray Diagram
Converging Thin Lens
Diverging Thin Lenses
Two Lens Systems
The Eye

6. Physical Optics

Fraunhofer Diffraction
Multiple Slits Diffraction
Two-Source Interference

7. Modern Physics

Relativity of Time
Relativity of Length
Photoelectric Effect
Compton Scattering

8. Atomic Physics

Bohr Model
Electron Interference
Standing Electron Waves

9. Nuclear Physics

Nuclear Binding Energy

10. Quantum Mechanics

Particle In a Box
Potential Barriers

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