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Active Vocabulary-Text Only

Active Vocabulary-Text Only - 2nd edition

Active Vocabulary-Text Only - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780321142436

ISBN10: 0321142438

Active Vocabulary-Text Only by Amy E. Olsen - ISBN 9780321142436
Edition: 2ND 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Longman, Inc.
International: No
Active Vocabulary-Text Only by Amy E. Olsen - ISBN 9780321142436

ISBN13: 9780321142436

ISBN10: 0321142438

Edition: 2ND 05

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Active Vocabulary is designed to accompany a reading text at the second tier reading level. Readings cover both general words and academic subjects.

This worktext is visually appealing to students, uses words in context, and provides a variety of activities including self-tests, writing assignments, collaborative projects, and games.

Active Vocabulary includes a number of exercises to stimulate different learning styles as well as to encourage cross-referencing of the words through different contexts. Self tests and games in each chapter round out the exposure for each vocabulary word. Four chapters on word parts are included, as well as three review chapters.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

To the Student.


Getting Started.
Student Life.

1. The Classroom: Learning New Skills.

2. Relationships: Dealing with People.

3. Entertainment: Enjoying a Night on the Town.

4. Travel: Discovering the World.

5. Word Parts I.

Reading for Pleasure.

6. Science Fiction: The Silent Stars.

7. Westerns: The Stranger in Town.

8. Romance: A Knock on the Door.

9. Mystery: A Sparkle in the Ashes.

10. Review: Focus on Chapters 1-9.


11. Administration of Justice: Prominent Couple Indicted.

12. Environmental Science: Galapagos Journal.

13. Computer Applications: An Online Course.

14. Word Parts II.

15. History: Medieval Europe .

16. Art History: Florence Beckons.

17. Political Science: Island Intrigue.

18. Business: It's in the Cards.

19. Review: Focus on Chapters 11-18.

20. Zoology: Chimpanzees.

21. Education: Creating Readers.

22. Health: Exploring Alternatives.

23. Word Parts III.

24. English: Fun with Words.

25. Psychology: The Experiment.

26. Engineering: Amazing Achievements.

27. Drama: The Play's the Thing.

28. Review: Focus on Chapters 20-27.

Analogies Appendix.
Limited Answer Key.
Create Your Own Flash Cards.
Inside Front Cover: Pronunciation Key.
Inside Back Cover: Word List.