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Activphysics 1 Workbook - With Users Guide and CD 1.1

Activphysics 1 Workbook - With Users Guide and CD 1.1 - 00 edition

Activphysics 1 Workbook - With Users Guide and CD 1.1 - 00 edition

ISBN13: 9780201657074

ISBN10: 0201657074

Activphysics 1 Workbook - With Users Guide and CD 1.1 by Alan Van Vanheuvelen - ISBN 9780201657074
Edition: 00
Copyright: 2000
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Longman, Inc.
International: No
Activphysics 1 Workbook - With Users Guide and CD 1.1 by Alan Van Vanheuvelen - ISBN 9780201657074

ISBN13: 9780201657074

ISBN10: 0201657074

Edition: 00

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Author Bio

Van Heuvelen, Alan : Ohio State University

Dr. Alan Van Heuvelen, a faculty member at Ohio State University, is a respected physics professor known nationally for a creative multiple-representation and active learning method of teaching physics. The multiple representation method is based on research on how students actually learn physics.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Describing Motion.

Analyzing Motion Using Diagrams.
Analyzing Motions Using Graphs.
Predicting Motion from Graphs.
Predicting Motion from Equations.
Problem-Solving Strategies for Kinematics.
Skier Races Downhill.
Balloonist Drops Lemonade.
Seat Belts Save Lives.
Screeching to a Halt.
Pole-Vaulter Lands.
Car Starts, Then Stops.
Solving Two-Vehicle Problems.
Car Catches Truck.
Avoiding a Rear-End Collision.

2. Forces and Motion.

Qualitative Questions.
Force Magnitudes.
Tension Change.
Sliding on an Incline.
Car Race.
Lifting a Crate.
Lowering a Crate.
Rocket Blasts Off.
Truck Pulls Crate.
Pushing a Crate.
Pushing a Crate Up a Wall.
Skier Goes Down a Slope.
Skier and Rope Tow.
Pushing a Crate Up an Incline.
Pole-Vaulter Vaults.
Trucks Pulls Two Crates.
Bricklayer Lowers Bricks.
Modified Atwood Machine.

3. Projectile Motion.

Solving Projectile Motion Problems.
Two Balls Falling.
Changing the x-Velocity.
Projectile x- and y-Accelerations.
Target Practice I.
Target Practice II.
Gravitational Constant on Planet Zeus.
Motorcycle Daredevil.

4. Circular Motion.

Determine Acceleration Direction Graphically.
Acceleration Direction of a Car.
Magnitude of Centripetal Acceleration.
Circular Motion Problem Solving.
Cart Goes Over Circular Path.
Ball Swings on a String.
Car Circles a Track.
Satellites Orbit.
Bag Hits Bystander.

5. Work and Energy.

Work Calculations.
Ejector Pad.
Sliding on Snow and Grass.
Inventing Processes.
Upward-Moving Elevator Stops.
Stopping a Downward-Moving Elevator.
Inverse Bungee Jumping.
Spring-Launched Bowler.
Skier Speed.
Skier Rope Tow.
Spring-Launched Ski Lift.
Modified Atwood Machine.
Bricklayer Perils.

6. Momentum.

Momentum and Energy Change.
Collisions and Elasticity.
Momentum Conservation and Collisions.
Collision Problems.
Car Collision: Two Dimensions.
Saving an Astronaut.
Explosion Problems.
Block Sliding Down an Incline.
Skier and Cart.
Pendulum Bashes Box.
Pendulum Person-Projectile Bowling.

7. Rotational Motion and Statics.

Torques and Statics.
Calculating Torques.
A Tilted Beam: Torques and Equilibrium.
Arm Levers Y Two Painters on a Beam.
The Back
Lecturing from a Beam.
Rotational Kinematics and Dynamics.
Rotational Inertia.
Rotational Kinematics.
Car ''Peels Out''.
Rotoride--A Dynamics Approach.
Falling Ladder.
Woman and Flywheel Elevator--Dynamics Approach.
Rotational Energy.
Race Between a Block and a Disk.
Woman and Flywheel Elevator--Energy Approach.
Rotoride--Energy Approach.
Angular Momentum Conservation.
Ball Hits Bat.

8. Thermodynamics.

Characteristics of a Gas.
Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution--Conceptual Analysis.
Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution--Quantitative Analysis.
State Variables and Ideal Gas Law.
Work Done by a Gas.
Heat, Internal Energy, and First Law of Thermodynamics.
Heat Capacity.
Isochoric Process.
Isobaric Process.
Isothermal Process.
Adiabatic Process.
Cyclic Process--Strategies.
Cyclic Process--Problems.
Carnot Cycle.

9. Vibrations.

Position Graphs and Equations.
Describing Vibrational Motion.
Vibrational Energy.
Two Ways to Weigh Young Tarzan.
Ape Drops Tarzan.
Releasing a Vibrating Skier I.
Releasing a Vibrating Skier II.
One- and Two-Spring Vibrating Systems.
Pendulum Frequency.
Pendulum Timer.
Risky Pendulum Walk.
Physical Pendulum.
The Sweet Spot.

10. Waves.

Properties of Mechanical Waves.
Speed of Waves of a String.
Speed of Sound in a Gas.
Standing Waves on Strings.
Tuning a Stringed Instrument: Standing Waves.
String Mass and Standing Waves.
Beats and Beat Frequency.
Doppler Effect: Conceptual Introduction.
Doppler Effect: Problems.
Complex Waves: Fourier Analysis.

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