Acts of Rebellion : Ward Churchill Reader 03 edition (9780415931564) -
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Acts of Rebellion : Ward Churchill Reader

Acts of Rebellion : Ward Churchill Reader - 03 edition

Acts of Rebellion : Ward Churchill Reader - 03 edition

ISBN13: 9780415931564

ISBN10: 0415931568

Acts of Rebellion : Ward Churchill Reader by Ward Churchill - ISBN 9780415931564
Cover type: Print On Demand
Edition: 03
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: Routledge N. Y.
International: No
Acts of Rebellion : Ward Churchill Reader by Ward Churchill - ISBN 9780415931564

ISBN13: 9780415931564

ISBN10: 0415931568

Cover type: Print On Demand
Edition: 03
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What could be more American than Columbus Day? Or the Washington Redskins? For Native Americans, they are bitter reminders that they live in a world where their identity is still fodder for white society.

"The law has always been used as toilet paper by the status quo where American Indians are concerned," writes Ward Churchill in Acts of Rebellion, a collection of his most important writings from the past twenty years. Vocal and incisive, Churchill stands at the forefront of American Indian concerns, from land issues to the American Indian Movement, from government repression to the history of genocide.

Churchill, one of the most respected writers on Native American issues, lends a strong and radical voice to the American Indian cause. Acts of Rebellion shows how the most basic civil rights' laws put into place to aid all Americans failed miserably, and continue to fail, when put into practice for our indigenous brothers and sisters. Seeking to convey what has been done to Native North America, Churchill skillfully dissects Native Americans' struggles for property and freedom, their resistance and repression, cultural issues, and radical Indian ideologies.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Introduction. Acts of Rebellion: Reflections on the Role of a Writer

Part I. In Matters of Law

1. The Tragedy and the Travesty: The Subversion of Indigenous Sovereignty in North America
2. The Nullification of Native American? An Analysis of the 1990 American Indian Arts and Crafts Act
3. Confronting Columbus Day: An Argument Based in International Law

Part II. Struggles for Lands and Lives

4. The Earth is Our Mother: Struggles for American Indian Land and Liberation in the Contemporary United States
5. A Breach of Trust: The Radioactive Colonization of Native North America
6. Like Sand in the Wind: The Making of an American Indian Diaspora in the United States
7. The Bloody Wake of Alcatraz: Repression of the American Indian Movement During the 1970s

Part III. Culture Wars

8. Fantasies of the Master Race: Cinema and the Colonization of American Indians
9. Let's Spread the "Fun" Around: The Issue of American Indian Sports Team Mascots
10. Indians 'R' Us: Reflections on the Men's Movements

Part IV. The Indigenist Alternative

11. False Promises: An Indigenist Analysis of Marxist Theory and Practice
12. The New face of Liberation: Indigenous Rebellion, State Repression, and the Reality of the Fourth World
13. I am Indigenist: Notes on the Ideology of the Fourth World

Permissions Acknowledgements