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Adolescence - 11th edition

Adolescence - 11th edition

ISBN13: 9780073133720

ISBN10: 0073133728

Adolescence by John W. Santrock - ISBN 9780073133720
Edition: 11TH 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
International: No
Adolescence by John W. Santrock - ISBN 9780073133720

ISBN13: 9780073133720

ISBN10: 0073133728

Edition: 11TH 07

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More students learn from John Santrock's Adolescence than from any other text in this field. Students and instructors rely on the careful balance of accurate, current research and applications to the real lives of adolescents. The fully-revised eleventh edition includes a new chapter on health, expanded coverage of late adolescence, and more than 1200 research citations from the 21st century.

New Features

  • Because of the increased interest in adolescent health in recent years, a new chapter, Health (Chap. 15), has been added. Important topics such as stress, exercise, and eating disorders are included in this new chapter.
  • This edition includes a more extensive research focus with more than 1200 21st century citations and greater emphasis on culture, college and emerging adulthood, and health and well-being.
  • The new edition has been revised and reorganized where appropriate, to improve the overall clarity of the presentation. For example, Chapter 7 (Sexuality) has been restructured and there is a new section on sexual attitudes and behavior.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: Introduction

CHAPTER 2 The Science of Adolescent Development

CHAPTER 3 Puberty and Biological Foundations

CHAPTER 4 Cognitive Development

CHAPTER 5 The Self, Identity, Emotions, and Personality

CHAPTER 6 Gender

CHAPTER 7: Sexuality

CHAPTER 8 Moral Development, Values, and Religion

CHAPTER 9: Families

CHAPTER 10: Peers

CHAPTER 11: Schools

CHAPTER 12: Achievement, Work, and Careers

CHAPTER 13: Culture

CHAPTER 14: Adolescent Problems

CHAPTER 15: Health, Stress, and Coping