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Advanced Abnormal Psychology

Advanced Abnormal Psychology - 94 edition

Advanced Abnormal Psychology - 94 edition

ISBN13: 9780306445477

ISBN10: 0306445476

Advanced Abnormal Psychology by Vincent B. VanHasselt and Michel Hersen - ISBN 9780306445477
Edition: 94
Copyright: 1994
Publisher: Plenum Publishing Corp.
International: No
Advanced Abnormal Psychology by Vincent B. VanHasselt and Michel Hersen - ISBN 9780306445477

ISBN13: 9780306445477

ISBN10: 0306445476

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This is this first book published in nearly twenty years that is specifically geared toward senior undergraduate and first year graduate students in advanced abnormal psychology courses. It begins with a rigorous description of basic concepts and models, and then details in-depth the major disorders and treatment strategies. Chapters include case studies where applicable, and are presented in identical formats to ensure consistency.

Author Bio

Hersen, Michel : Pacific University

VanHasselt, Vincent B. : Nova Southeastern University

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Basic Concepts and Models: Diagnosis and Classification (I. Leckliter, J.D. Matarazzo).

Assessment Strategies (A.N. Weins, J.E. Bryan).

Research Methods (F.D. McGlynn).

Psychoanalytic Model (H.D. Lerner, J. Ehrlich).

Behavioral Model (C.M. Franks).

Biological Model (M.C. Wilde, P.M. Cinciripini).

Childhood and Adolescent Disorders: Mental Retardation (C.L. Miller et al.).

Autism (L.K. Koegel).

Anxiety Disorders (C.C. Strauss).

Adult and Geriatric Disorders: Depression (L.P. Rehm, P. Mehta).

Sexual Disorders (J.V. Becker, M. Kaplan).

Substance Abuse Disorders (T.J. O'Farrell).

Child Treatment: Dynamic Psychotherapy (K. O'Connor, E. Wollheim).

Behavior Therapy (M.A. Williams).

Pharmacological Interventions (M.K. Dulcan).

Adult Treatment: Dynamic Psychotherapy (M. Eagle, D. Wolitzky).

Behavior Therapy (K.T. Larkin, J.L. Edens).

Pharmacological Interventions (H. Erickson, Jr., D.W. Goodwin).

8 additional articles.