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Advanced Reporting : Discovering Patterns in New Events

Advanced Reporting : Discovering Patterns in New Events - 2nd edition

Advanced Reporting : Discovering Patterns in New Events - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780881339123

ISBN10: 0881339121

Advanced Reporting : Discovering Patterns in New Events by Donald Lewis Shaw - ISBN 9780881339123
Edition: 2ND 97
Copyright: 1997
Publisher: Waveland Press, Inc.
International: No
Advanced Reporting : Discovering Patterns in New Events by Donald Lewis Shaw - ISBN 9780881339123

ISBN13: 9780881339123

ISBN10: 0881339121

Edition: 2ND 97

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The volume represents a comprehensive survey of the skills needed to select, gather, organize, and present information to audiences in today's competitive mass media market. The authors assert that news media do not necessarily know the solutions to the many problems challenging our complex and dynamic social system, but the news media have the power and ability to set the agenda, to shift the spotlight of attention from one topic to another.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Part I The Profession of Journalism
Chapter 1 Patterns

Seeing Events, Making Events
Journalists in a Changing World
Changing Media Use
Seizing the Agenda
Pulling People Together

Chapter 2 The Skills of the Professional Journalist

The Education and Skills of a Journalist
How Journalists Enrich Perspectives
The Active Audience
The Challenge for Journalists

Chapter 3 Vantage Points

Routine Shortcuts
Strategic Observations
Perspectives for Reporting
Descriptions and Explanations
Three Major Steps

Part II Beats, Interviews, and Sources
Chapter 4 Beats

Traditional Beat Organization
Departing from Tradition
A Strategy for Covering Beats
Society as a System
Leaders as News Sources
Tapping Other Information Sources
Using Some Common Sense

Chapter 5 Personal Interviews

Getting the Interview
The Interviewing Process
Telephone Interviews
Source Attribution
Cleaning Up Quotes
Be Skeptical
Chapter 6 Digging In: Students Pursue a Trail of Heroin
"A Tale of Two Users"
"Risking Death for a `Rush'"
"Price, Purity Lead to `90s Popularity"
"A Killer Returns"
"Behind the Scenes of a Drug Bust"

Part III Community Connections
Chapter 7 Surveying the Public

Surveys: To Believe or Not to Believe
Sampling Problems
Public Opinion Polls
Political Polls
Nonpolitical Polls
When to Publish a Poll
A Final Caution

Chapter 8 Good and Bad Surveys

The Basics of Taking a Sample
Bias and Sampling
Types of Surveys
Randomness of the Sample
Size of the Sample
Who Does the Polling?
Questionnaire Drafting
Interviewer Training
A Final Note

Chapter 9 Using the Self-Administered Survey

A Close-Up Look
"UNC: A Hard-Drinking School?"
"Critics Challenge `Binge' Definition"
"Woman Recounts Drunk Rape Ordeal"
"Fraternities Drink at Higher Rate"
Achieving Successful Results

Part IV Documents and Electronic Records
Chapter 10 Documents

Documents as Primary Records
Documents Galore
Some Typical Records
Access to Records
The Uses of Many Documents and Databases
Using Computers as Detectives
Content Analysis of Documents
Officials and Documents
Sleeping Giants

Chapter 11 Using Databases for Reporting

Students and Computer-Assisted Journalism
Students Using Computer-Assisted Methods
"If Two's Company, 400 Is a Crowd"
"Give up the Keys, Not Your Life"
Some Cautions about Computer-Assisted Journalism
Sample Story Ideas
The Computer, a Support

Chapter 12 Reporters, Teams, and

Computer-Assisted Reporting
Using the Internet to Cover a Breaking Story
Talking Directly with Readers
Information on CD-ROMs
Online Newspaper Editions
Librarians and Other "New" Team Reporters
Are You Computer Literate?

Part V Entering the Event
Chapter 13 Participant Observation

Seeing Everyday Life
Human Observation
Focusing Attention
Some Guidelines for Participant Observation
Planning Ahead
Some Final Caveats

Chapter 14 Field Experiments

Simple Experiments
The Journalistic Experiment
Setting Up the Experiment
Special Ethical Considerations
Exposing the "Unseen"

Chapter 15 How Voters Use News Media to

Learn about Issues
A Historical Test of Voters and Press Use
The Press as a "Leveling" Democratic Force
Politics and the Press
A Reorganization of Political Beats
Journalists' Responsibility to Voters

Part VI Professional Issues
Chapter 16 Journalists Are Objective

An Examination of Current Trends
Reeducating the Audience
Reinventing Journalism
News and Social Diversity

Chapter 17 Encouraging and Influencing

Community Change
Mass Media and Agenda-Setting Power
The Role of People in Social Change
Combining Traditions
Allocating Time and Resources
Community Patterns and Change
Individual and Group Empowerment
The Challenge for Mass Media

Chapter 18 Getting Ready for the

Twenty-First Century
Changed Roles
Changes in the Field
Walled-off Societies
Fitting the Newspaper to the Audience
Skills of the Twenty-First Century Journalist
Digital Thinking in a Disappearing Analog Age


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